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We’ve been around now for a long time and have lots of experience in finding the engine or gearbox that you are looking for. We are open all week during office times 9am -5pm should you have any queries, or require our expert help. Our staff are always willing to assist you and find the answer to any questions you may have to do with car engines and gearboxes. We are confident that we are the fastest and most efficient search engine specialising in engines and gearboxes on the net.

Our UK Branch:
Wilkerson House, Ilford Essex IG1 2JJ
Telephone: +44(0) *0905 232 0099
Fax: +44(0) *0871 233 2899


our garage

We can also arrange fitting for any engine or gearbox here. There is a 2 car work station operating at all times between 9am – 5pm normal office hrs Monday-Friday. So please if you are local why not check us out! you can email us for fitting bookings direct and one of our mechanics will be pleased to return your call.

Mega Savings

We expect our customers to receive the best products on the market, both in quality and price. In fact, we boast that customers who shop with us are able to save up to 90% off the price of going to a main dealership. When you complete our FREE online no obligation quote request, our agents will get to work immediately checking our yards to fulfill your order.

Huge Stocklists – Engines – Gearboxes – Cylinderheads

Once we receive your request and have located car engines, car gearboxes or cylinderheads you require from our large database, then we will contact you instantly with the price options, allowing you to make the choice. We take great care and thoroughly try and test all our products before sale so we are confident the guarantee we offer will suit your needs exactly!

FREE Service

Please note that our service is free when you make your request online and that we charge no handling fee like other engine and gearbox location services. This means that we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible for you but still maintain a high quality service standard. We are now confindent that we can locate 95% of the parts you are looking.

For further information on services we offer, please feel free to visit our search tips page. Thank you for choosing enginesandgearboxes.co.uk to locate the exact part you’re looking for!