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Acura RDX Engine

The RDX is powered by Honda’s first turbocharged gasoline engine. The 2.3-litre straight-4 K23A1 engine has all-aluminum construction, an i-VTEC head, and dual balance shafts. It is also one of the first and only four-cylinder powered luxury SUVs. Honda’s variable flow turbocharger reduces turbo lag by using a valve to narrow the exhaust passage at low rpm, increasing the velocity of the exhaust flow and keeping the turbine spinning rapidly. At higher rpm, the valve opens to allow more exhaust flow for increased boost. The engine also features a top-mounted intercooler which receives air from the grille, channeled by ducting under the hood. The Acura RDX engine is rated at 240 bhp (179.0 kW; 243.3 PS) at 6000 rpm with a torque peak of 260 ft·lbf (350 N·m) at 4500 rpm.

The estimated fuel mileage is 19 mpg-US (12 L/100 km; 23 mpg-imp) city and 23 mpg-US (10 L/100 km; 28 mpg-imp) highway miles per gallon. Driving style and the terrain plays an important part in this Vehicle’s fuel economy. Uphill driving, frequent lane changes and sudden accelerations can increase turbo usage to increase torque output to the SH-AWD system and thus cause much higher fuel consumption. New more recent EPA mileage estimates as of February 2007 are 17 mpg-US (14 L/100 km; 20 mpg-imp) city and 22 mpg-US (11 L/100 km; 26 mpg-imp) highway. The recommended fuel is premium 91 octane unleaded.

The RDX artfully combines the low weight and economy of a 4 cylinder with the power and authority of a high-performance V6, thanks to its turbocharged, intercooled, 2.3-liter DOHC i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine.

  • * The engine features Acura’s variable flow turbocharger technology that’s designed to drastically reduce turbo lag.
  • * The engine produces a smooth, robust 240 horsepower peak at 6000 rpm. Little revving is needed to access the 260 lbs-ft of torque, which occurs at a low 4500 rpm.
  • * The EPA Estimated Fuel Economy 27 for the front-drive models is 19 city / 24 hwy and 17 city / 22 hwy for models equipped with SH-AWD.
  • * The Drive-by-Wire™ throttle varies throttle sensitivity to provide the appropriate throttle response and feel to different driving conditions.

Never content resting on its laurels, Acura brings to market the 2010 RDX with a fresh new exterior look, a more luxurious interior, and a host of new technology features. For 2010, the RDX is now available with a two-wheel drive option which offers improved fuel economy and a lower price point over its SH-AWD™ counterpart.The Acura RDX is Acura’s first compact crossover SUV, the RDX takes over from the MDX as Acura’s entry-level crossover SUV.

RDX Economy

As the 2010 Acura RDX raced along winding mountain roads, feeling out corners carefully so as not to send this small SUV tumbling, it was hoped that the turbocharged engine and all-wheel-drive system were in a completely different car. Throw this running gear into a small coupe, ditch the five speed automatic for a slick six-speed manual, and Acura would have an impressive replacement for the discontinued RSX.

But as it is, the 2010 RDX competes in an extremely crowded market, against the likes of the Honda CR-V, the Mitsubishi Outlander, and the Nissan Rogue. Somewhere in Acura headquarters, someone looked at all these other small SUVs, and decided to jump on the bandwagon, going for mass-market popularity as opposed to a niche sports car. But the power train engineers seemed to be building a different car, and were probably surprised to see their engine sitting between the high front wheels of an SUV.

That engine and the all-wheel-drive system, and to some extent the automatic transmission, make the 2010 RDX one of the sportiest drivers amongst small SUVs, but the turbocharged engine doesn’t do well with the car’s near-2-ton curb weight. A V-6 would have given it smoother acceleration and probably delivered better fuel economy.

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