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Acura TL Gearbox

While the TL is available with an all-new five-speed automatic with Sequential SportShift, based on the transmission that debuted in the ’05 RL (note the architecture sharing being followed here), the Type-S is available with either the automatic or a close-ratio six-speed manual. Once again, weight savings was a goal.

The manual has a high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy housing. Special narrow high-strength steel gears are used, and the shafts are hollow. Overall, the six-speed is lighter than the automatic. Overall, a Type-S with the manual weighs just 3,559 lb., while the automatic version weighs 3,674. One consequence of the new five-speed and the new 3.5-liter V6 is a redesign of the subframe. The U-shaped aluminum alloy component is hydroformed and attached to aluminum alloy corner brackets.

What does this get you? In internal tests of acceleration—0 to 60 mph, quarter mile, and 50 to 75 mph—against both an Infiniti G35 and BMW 330, the Type-S, especially with the manual transmission, handily outperformed both. Hourt admits that one of the goals of the program was to assume leadership in performance, so would one expect anything else?

A manual transmission model has been added to Acura’s TL range for model year 2010. This installment makes it the most diverse line-up ever in the carmaker’s history.

The luxury division of Japanese manufacturer Honda announced the addition of a manual transmission model to the TL range for model year 2010, making it the most diverse line-up in the manufacturer’s history. In a release, Jeff Conrad, Acura sales vice president said that the new manual transmission equipped TL SH-AWD allows the driver to take full advantage of the performance of Acura’s SH-AWD system. He claims that the new 6-speed manual transmission model is the best performing Acura ever.

It is also claimed to be the top handling performer among every vehicle in its class. Particularly, the transmission is a 6-speed, partnered for the first time with Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. Since the close gear ratio gearbox is about 110 lbs lighter than the Sequential SportShift automatic transmission, it further improves TL’s acceleration, braking and cornering. The transmission, when paired with the car’s 3.7l V6 engine, provides enhanced shift accuracy.

TL Sequential SportShift Automatic

For smooth and intuitive shifting, the TL features a sophisticated 5-speed automatic transmission with the highest ratio spread of any 5-speed transmission in its class, providing strong acceleration in lower gears and relaxed, fuel-efficient highway cruising.

  • You can take full command of the transmission with steering wheel-mounted F1®-style Sequential SportShift paddle shifters.
  • In both automatic and manual modes, the transmission coordinates with the engine’s Drive-by-Wire™ throttle system for smooth gear transitions.
  • A tap of the paddle shifter when “D” is selected brings a quick gear change before returning to automatic operation when the TL has resumed a steady speed. This allows you to make manual gear changes when needed, such as for passing, without changing in and out of manual mode.
  • For quicker acceleration, select “S,” and the transmission allows the engine to rev higher before shifting. Using a paddle shifter in “S” puts the transmission into full manual mode, where you have direct control of all shifting.
  • When encountering a steep uphill or downhill grade, Grade Logic Control will instruct the transmission to hold a lower gear for better climbing or increased downhill engine braking.
  • When stopped on a steep incline, the Hill Start Assist feature helps ensure a smooth, secure start as it holds brake pressure momentarily to avoid rolling backwards as your foot moves from the brake pedal to the throttle.

TL 6-Speed Manual Transmission

For those who consider no sport sedan complete without a clutch pedal, the TL SH-AWD now offers a 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission. This first-time combination of a manual shift and Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®) makes the TL SH-AWD a true driving enthusiast’s delight.

  • The shifter features even shorter throws than the TSX’s acclaimed linkage for quick, confident shifting.
  • The clutch has low-effort movement to reduce leg fatigue and short pedal movement for faster operation.
  • The Hill Start Assist feature eases manual shift starts on inclines. Sensing an uphill grade, the system holds brake pressure momentarily to avoid rolling backwards as your foot moves from the brake pedal to the throttle.
Different types of Gearboxes

When you take apart and look inside a gearbox, you will find a huge assortment of parts in a fairly small space. Among other things, you see:

In an Automatic Gearbox:-

  • An ingenious planetary gear set
  • A set of bands to lock parts of a gear set
  • A set of three wet-plates clutches to lock other parts of the gear set
  • An incredibly odd hydraulic system that controls the clutches and bands
  • A large gear pump to move gearbox fluid around
Manual gearboxes you will find a lay shaft, collar and folks.

Manumatic gearboxes Manumatic is a portmanteau word, combining the words manual and automatic, that applies to a class of automotive gearboxes. Manumatic most often refers to an automatic transmission, with some elements of manual transmission control (e.g. a gear can be manually selected instead of having the computer control all shifts). This type of transmission was introduced in the beginning of the 21st century. Different car manufacturers have been using a variety of labels for their manumatic transmissions, such as ‘tiptronic’, ‘Geartronic’, ‘Touchshift’, ‘Sporttronic’, and others. As you can see gearboxes including AcuraTL gearbox is a complicated car part necessity for your car to function. Our breakers shop around for the best deals on any (model) gearbox part – so you don’t have to do all the hard work.

The RDX possess SportShift five-speed automatic gearbox with manual paddles.

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