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Alfa Romeo Brera Engines

The Brera is a sports car produced by the Italian automaker of Alfa Romeo since 2005. The engine is the heart and real strength of every Alfa model. Under a fascinating line and strong personality, Alfa cars conceal a range of superb engines with advanced technology and generous performance. In Europe, the Brera is available with two petrol engines, the 185 PS (136 kW; 182 hp) 2.2-litre JTS and 260 PS (190 kW; 260 hp) 3.2 litres V6; and a 210 PS (150 kW; 210 hp) 2.4-litre JTD turbo diesel. Cars with the diesel or 2.2 litres in petrol are front-wheel drive, whilst the V6 comes with a Torsen four-wheel drive system similar to the 156 and 159’s Q4.

For the “model year” 2008 Brera / Spider changes were made to the mechanics and the interiors of the cars. The 3.2 litre V6 version will now be offered in front wheel drive, as well as a four wheel drive version, allowing for a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour (160 mph). All model variants will be fitted with electronic Q2 limited slip differential. By using more aluminium parts a weight reduction of several kilos is achieved. These new versions were introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008.

For “model year” 2009 Alfa is introducing a new turbocharged petrol engine badged as “TBi”, this 1742 cc unit has direct injection and variable valve timing in both inlet and exhaust cams. This new engine has 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) and 320 N•m (240 lb•ft) of torque. A 230 PS (169 kW; 227 bhp) version of the “Tbi” 1.75 litre will also be available later in the year which will give Brera a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) time of about 7.3 seconds.

Italia Independent

Italia Independent is a limited edition (900) version of Brera; it’s made with Italian fashion house “Italia Independent”. The car has titanium opaque paintwork with 18-inch alloy wheels, red colour brake callipers and an aluminium fuel cap. This version is available with 2.2JTS engine or 3.2L V6 either front wheel or all wheel drive versions.

Brera Review

The Brera was first rolled out at the Geneva motor show in 2002, and it stunned the crowds. Styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Ital Design it was never intended to become a production model. The prototype featured all wheel drive, carbon fibre bodywork and the engine was a 90 degree V8 that displaced 4.2 Litres and produced 402 bhp this was then set back in the chassis to aid weight distribution. The Brera featured the classic, long nose, short deck styling reminiscent of other powerful Italian GT’s. The front features the classic Alfa grill and an aggressiveness that has echo’s of “Il Mostro”, the classic love-it-or-hate-it Alfa ES30 SZ from the early 1990’s. The wheel arches are subtly flared and with the smooth waistline the design suggested power.

Like one of its predecessors, the Montreal, Alfa Romeo decided that due to the acclaim the design received, it would go into production as Alfa needed a replacement for the ageing GTV and Spider. Unusually, its production engineering was carried out by Ital design’s arch rival Pininfarina, however the design remains remarkably faithful to the original concept although the gull wing doors of the show car have been dropped. The chassis is based on Alfa’s premium platform, as is the Alfa 159 but the wheel base is significantly shorter. This chassis has more torsional rigidity than the outgoing GTV, and the Alfa engineers have exploited this, coming up with some very well judged suspension settings. The car is as happy to be thrown around the country lanes, helped by the low ratio steering rack and the passive rear wheel steering, as it is cruising down the motorway.

The Brera, whose name incidentally comes from a posh suburb of Milan, has three engine options, 2.2 litre four cylinder petrol, 3.2 litre V6 petrol and 2.4 litre five cylinder diesels. The 2.2 litre engine produces 185 bhp and like the V6, is based on a GM unit. This engine has variable cam timing on both inlet and exhausts camshafts and has considerably more torque than the outgoing Fiat unit. With this engine fitted the car will come with a 6 speed manual or Q-tronic gearbox and drive will be through the front wheels. The V6 engine produces 260 bhp and is matched to a four-wheel drive system that normally splits the power 43/57 with the bias to the rear. When the Torsen c differential senses a lack of grip it can adjust the torque split from this setting so that 78% of the torque goes to the front or rear wherever it is needed. The V6 engine looses none of the verve of the Alfa V6 it replaces and still makes the spine tingle at high revs. The 2.4l, 5 cylinder, 20 valve common rail diesel with variable vane turbocharger is a carryover from the Alfa 156 and as such is a tried and trusted product; in this guise the power output is up from 175 bhp to 200 bhp and it produces a massive 400 lb foot of torque.

The GTA version was available in October 2007, and Alfa Romeo tested both the bi-turbo 3.2 v6 at 380hp and the 4.7 v8 at 450hp with a V8 engine. Starting the engine is a matter of pressing a button and the minor Radio controls are on the adjustable steering wheel. Starting the engine is a matter of pressing a button and the minor Radio controls are on the adjustable steering wheel.

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