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Welcome to, we are specialists in Alfa Romeo GT automatic and manual gearboxes. Our dedicated customer service representatives are available to help you with your enquires and our team of expert technicians are ready to help you with all makes and models of gearboxes.

We have invested in the most modern and technologically advanced network equipment, which helps us to ensure that your Alfa Romeo GT gearbox search is accurate which saves you time and money. …let us help you today to find a competitive quote.

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All our automatic and manual gearboxes are available new, second-hand and remanufactured or reconditioned to the highest standards. All our gearbox components meet or exceed all original manufactures specifications, and most of the time the Alfa Romeo GT gearbox components are sourced from our specialist breakers. You can buy with confidence from us, knowing that you have the best quality Alfa Romeo GT gearbox with the best warranty protection. We have an extensive network of industry contacts to ensure you find what you are looking for.

About the Alfa Romero GT gearbox

After launching a whole new range of self-shifting gearbox versions of its key models, Alfa Romeo has added a manual gearbox to the one model that lacked one, the stylish Alfa Romeo GT JTS, and, in doing so has provided its sports coupe with a highly accessible new price. The GT comes standard with a Selespeed gearbox, essentially a five-speed manual gearbox without a clutch pedal, but with an electronic brain to take care of shifts and clutch control.

The new manual version of the Alfa GT uses exactly the same gearbox as the Selespeed, minus the robotised actuation system and with the addition of a clutch pedal and conventional gear stick.

Fitted with the optional Selespeed gearbox, the Alfa GT combines the excitement of changing gears manually in the same fashion as a racing car, via paddles on the steering wheel, or the convenience of letting the system change the gears itself. But, unlike a conventional automatic, because the Selespeed is based on the manual gearbox, it offers the performance, economy and emissions of manual gearbox even when changing its own gears.

Repairing a gearbox

An Alfa Romeo GT gearbox has become more reliable these days, but still as in all gearboxes it’s the most-easiest-to-break and very-expensive-to-fix part of the vehicle. If heavily abused, the (model) gearbox can be easily destroyed within just half an hour. Any gearbox is very sensitive to the gearbox fluid quality and condition. Improper fluid type can damage the gearbox. When buying a used car, a gearbox is one of the most important parts to check.

When buying a used car, the gearbox is one of the most important parts to check. We strongly recommend having a used car inspected by a mechanic before buying it, it will well worth it. When buying a used car first checks the used car history records; it may save you some time and money. If the used car history report shows that the car you want to buy was used as a rental vehicle or has been involved in an accident, there is no point to even look at it. Ask the previous owner or salesperson if any repair has been done to the gearbox. If the gearbox is already rebuilt, try to avoid buying such a car. It’s not like all rebuilt (model) gearbox will have problems – some of them work even better than before. The problem is that not all gearbox shops can do equally the same high-quality job. And since there is no way to verify if it was rebuilt properly or not, it’s better not to take chances. Another thing to be concern about, ask if the car you are looking for was used for towing a trailer. Gearboxes wear out quicker in many cars that were used for towing a trailer.

There are a few words in the language of auto repair that make car owners want to crawl back into bed, and “gearbox” is at the top of the list. There’s something about that mysterious box underneath your car that incites fear. Unfortunately, most repair shops know this, and will take advantage of the situation by reaching deep into your pocket.

Your gearbox is a remarkable contraption. Somehow it can shift your car from gear to gear, knowing how fast you need to go and how quickly you need to get there. What goes on inside is a mystery to most. Unless your thirst for automotive knowledge borders on compulsive, you can leave it a mystery.

Gearbox problems fall into two very similar categories:

  • Won’t go
  • Won’t go smoothly

Most (model) gearbox problems can’t be fixed by the average do-it-yourself. There are just too many specialized tools and pieces of equipment you’ll need, and buying this expensive gear just to screw up your first three tries at fixing the thing just doesn’t make too much sense. When your (model) gearbox gets tired, you’ll have to buy another and we can supply that need.

How can we help you?

Cars are getting ever more complicated and sophisticated, which is great until the gearbox goes wrong! If your Alfa Romeo GT gearbox has gone we’re ready to deal with almost anything, is your gearbox broken? If so can help. Whatever your need, or we can take care of it – we stock all makes and models of gearboxes for any car for example high performance, specialist vehicles, 4×4, manual, automatic, semi-automatic or DSG, nothing is impossible for us when it comes to helping our customers.

Please fill in the ‘Quick Find’ form for a quick quote or pick up the phone to talk to our team member. We guarantee to beat any genuine quote and all our gearboxes come with a no quibble warrantee.

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