Aston Martin Car Engines: Lagonda, Zagato, Vantage

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The Aston Martin Engine is unsurpassed in terms of performance, durability and power. Aston Martin has all its load bearing structures visible along with some of the V12 engine.Ā Aston MartinĀ engine are readily available as used, reconditioned or secondhand today.Generous use of carbon fibre compliments the bright steelwork.

“A homage to the car as a complex and rigorous engineering objectā€ is how Giorgetto Giugiaro sums up the car. The Aston Martin DB7 marked a turning point in the history of the Newport Pagnell based manufacture. Powered by 420 horsepower 6.0 liter V12 Aston Martin engines, theĀ DB7Ā Vantage and Vantage Volante models made their world debuts at the 1999 Geneva Salon and now account for more than 95% of all DB7 sales.

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The V8 engine DBS was introduced in 1967, yet had to wait for two years to receive the all powerful engine that it had been designed to take. At a stroke, the emergence of the DBS V8 gave Aston Martin one of, if not the fastest car in the world. A full four seater with the potential for a genuine 160mph.

The Lagonda was a classic 70’s; you either love it or hate it. This quickly followed by the high performance V8 Vantage – at the time, the fastest car in the world and the first British Supercar. By the mid 1980’s the combination of the Vantage engine and open bodywork gave Aston Martin the fastest open four seater the world had ever seen, the V8 Vantage Volante. In 1980, AML demonstrated their engineering skills with the unveiling of the fantastic gull-winged Bulldog. Only one 200mph machine was constructed, and it remains the only mid-engined road car Aston Martin have ever built. The limited edition V8 Vantage Zagato and Volante’s were a success; the Virage was developed.

The V12 engineĀ is key to maintaining Aston Martin’s presence in the lucrative North AmericanĀ markets.

The latest V12 is a 420 horsepower, 48 valve, all-alloy unit – the first of a totally new generation of advanced technology Aston Martin power units which are already capable of exceeding the most stringent of current and projected emission standards. Developed in conjunction with Ford and Cosworth, it features lightweight alloy castings, twin overhead cams per cylinder bank, four valves per cylinder and can operate at up to 7000rpm.

Other Aston Martin models include, Lagonda, Zagato, Vantage, Virage, DB7, DBS, Volante, DC9, Vanquish, Roadster

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