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Audi has demonstrated impressive design superiority in both the spark-ignition and turbocharged direct-injection diesel areas. These Audi engines eliminate in a highly convincing manner the supposed conflict of objectives between economy and a supreme flow of power. Audi’s engines satisfy the very highest standards on all their models A3, A4, A6, A8, Q7, Quattro and more. Audi car engines can be found on this site, reconditioned or secondhand. See also some amazing deals on our Volkswagen Engines.

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From blank to finished components. To ensure that all the principal components of an engine satisfy Audi’s high quality standards, the engine blocks, camshafts, crankshafts and conrods are subjected to a series of complex high-precision machining operations as they pass through the Audi production plant.

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Conrods. The “big end bore” not only has to be machined to the necessary standard of precision, but also opened up into two halves. This used to be done with a saw – a time-consuming method that called for precision guidance and careful machining of the cut surfaces. Today the conrods are simply snapped in half at a predetermined point. This “cracking” technique yields surfaces, which later fit together precisely, for a far more effective joint and greater lateral rigidity.

Crankshafts. Every stage in crankshaft machining takes place on ultra-modern plant with the latest control systems. A patented process enables the main and big-end bearing journals to be hardened simultaneously with the more critical machined surfaces. Keeping the consumption of process materials to a minimum is a basic requirement in this, as in other areas of the production plant. Endurance-testing an Audi engine continues even when the exhaust manifold begins to glow red-hot.

A passenger-car world premiere: Audi’s five-valve engines. (RS4, R8, S2, S3, S4, S6, S8, and more) Economy and performance, with no compromises either way – this is what the five-valve engines introduced for the Audi A4 can justly claim. They are available with a power output of 92 kW (125 bhp) and in turbocharged form with 110 kW (150 bhp).

Their high, flat torque characteristic permits the driver to move up quickly through the gears and achieve economical results at the same time. The three inlets and two exhaust valves per cylinder speed up the gas flow and make the engine more dynamic despite its modest swept volume. These four-cylinder engines are not produced on a moving assembly line.

The engine conveyor is divided into three sections with buffer zones between them. In this way, the assembly teams can work on each engine at the speed which suits them best. The engine production area is organized without undue hierarchical steps: there are only two decision-taking levels between the assembly teams and departmental management.

Tested through and through. Even during engine assembly, intermediate inspections are performed on parts with an important operating function: to detect and eliminate any tendency for tolerances to exceed the close permitted limits.

The complete engine will cover quite some distance on a running-in test rig before it is ever installed in a car: about five minutes under its own power, during which time the coolant and oil temperatures are checked to ensure that no overheating can occur. Further functional check includes ignition timing, and an examination for leaks.

Compact power packages: the six cylinder engines. Audi’s 2.6 and 2.8 liter V6 engines are the lightest in their class at only approximately 160 kilograms, and also the shortest at only 45 centimeters.

They cover a power-output range from 150 bhp to 200 bhp. Design elements such as multiple valves per cylinder, variable camshaft control and variable intake pipe length boost power output and torque, and at the same time reduce the exhaust emissions from these Audi engines.

A powerful heartbeat for Neckarsulm: the V8 engine. The magnificent power source for the Audi A8 and S6 models are the lightest, most compact and most powerful V8 engine in its class. This engine calls for precision assembly standards and uses materials and manufacturing technologies of the very highest quality. The V8 engine produced in two displacements: the 4.2-liter version develops up to 360 bhp according to version, the 3.7-liter engine 260 bhp.

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