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BMW 6 Series’ engine innovation over the years

BMW 6 Series refers to two generations of automobile from BMW, both being based on their contemporary 5 Series sedans. The first was the E24, launched in 1976 to replace the 3.0CS & 3.0CSi (E9). The BMW 6 Series returned in 2003 after a 15-year absence from BMW’s model lineup. That year, BMW released the all new E63 / E64 which was available as a coupé and convertible. Models were the 645ci (later replaced with the 650i) and the 630i. The highest performance 6 series is the BMW M6.

E24 6 Series (1977 to 1989)

The original 6 Series was first launched in August 1976. This car had a 3210 cc engine with 197 PS. In 1980 debuted the 635CSi, with a 3453 cc SOHC, 218 PS engine and a top speed of 222 km/h. The 635CSi could reach 62 mph in 7.4 seconds.

In 1983 BMW took the M88/3, a modified version of the M88/1 from the BMW M1 and put it in the E24 chassis, creating the M635CSi, or M6. This had a DOHC 24-valve 3453 cc, 286 PS engine, taken from the BMW M1 with a top speed of 158 mph. The M6 reached 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds.

E63 / E64 6 Series (2003 to present)

These two models are each available with either a 3.0 L straight 6 N52 engine producing 190 kW at 6600 rpm and 300 N·m of torque from 2500 to 4000 rpm (in the 630i), a 4.4 L V8 making 245 kW and 450 N·m of torque at 3600 rpm (in the 645Ci). or In Europe a diesel engined variant (the 635d) is available. This has the same 3.0 L6 twin turbo diesel engine as in the 535d and 335d. It has 286 hp at 4400 rpm and 580 N·m of torque available at 1750 rpm. The 645 models have now been phased out in the favor of the more powerful 650i and they are now called 650i Coupé and 650i Cabriolet. The 650i is outfitted with a 4.8 liter V8 producing 268 kW at 6300 rpm and 487 N·m of torque at 3400 RPM.

The V8 in the 645Ci is the N62 engine, the same powerplant used in the 545i and 745i, with BMW’s Valvetronic valve timing system. This is an all aluminum engine with 4 valves per cylinder. This 6 Series comes with either a 6 speed automatic transmission or a 7 speed SMG sequential gear box. For the 2006 model year, BMW remodeled the 645Ci as the 650i. The reason for this change was the increase in engine displacement.

Various auto tuners offer aftermarket products for the BMW E63 / E64 that include improved engine software, throttle bodies, and exhaust sets that improve horsepower through the power band.

  • 2004-2005 645Ci – 4.4 L V8, 333 PS
  • 2004-2005 645Ci Convertible – 4.4 L V8, 333 PS
  • 2005-2006 630Ci- 3.0 L I6, 258 PS
  • 2007- 630i- 3.0 L I6, 272 PS 272 PS
  • 2006- 650i – 4.8 L V8, 367 PS
  • 2006- 650i Convertible – 4.8L V8, 367 PS
  • 2007- 635d- 3.0 L Twin Turbo Diesel I6, 286 PS
  • 2007- 635d Convertible- 3.0 L Twin Turbo Diesel I6, 286 PS
  • 2007- M6 – 5.0 L V10, 507 PS
  • 2007- M6 Convertible – 5.0 L V10, 507 PS

The 2007 BMW 630i, has the lightest 6 cylinder engine in the world. Probably. In fact, when pushed, BMW bosses admitted they didn’t actually know the weight of Mazda’s baby 1.8 litre V6 from the MX3 of the early ’90s but they’re still mighty proud that their new 258bhp 3 litre engine, it tops the scales at a mere 130kg.

This impressively low weight is down to extensive use of magnesium alloy composite, the block and cylinder head are made of the magical stuff, as is the engine bedplate that sits below the block and adds additional strength to the whole structure.

The obsessive weight saving continues with thin walled exhaust manifolds and the world’s first electric water pump, which does away with the need for an additional fan belt to drive it. All of which helps to make the new 630i an impressive 130kg lighter than the 645i. Read further into the specification, though, and you realise that not all the weight saving can be attributed to the bantamweight engine up front. For a start, all four brake discs are smaller, the battery hiding in the boot has shrunk and the standard wheels and tyres have quietly lost an inch in diameter and width. Still, a 130kg weight saving should do no harm at all to the 6 Series’ dynamics.

This engine feels decisively torquier than the old 3 litre unit, even though the peak figure has remained the same, so the gutsier feel from 1500rpm onwards must be thanks to all the clever new Valvetronic technology. This system does away with the throttles and uses variable valve lift instead, which helps the engine breathe better at lower revs.

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