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We are one of the largest suppliers of both reconditioned BMW 7 Series Gearboxes in the UK, we are specialising in gearboxes for cars, vans and light commercials. Many people look for totally reconditioned BMW 7 Series Gearboxes but can supply new, second hand and even low mileage parts with a 100% warranty and free postage.

BMW 7 Series Gearbox Highlights

BMW redesigned its flagship rear drive sedans in 2002, giving them fresh styling, an innovative control layout, and the industry’s first 6 speed automatic gearbox was a welcome. Both the iDrive control setup and the imaginative body profile engendered considerable controversy, prompting love-it-or-hate-it responses from both the media and the public.

Compared to the old 7 Series, the 2002’s were about 2 inches longer in wheelbase, overall length, and height. These luxury 4 doors were also 1.6 inches wider and some 120 pounds heavier. The V8 continued in renamed 745i and long wheelbase 745Li models, but it was actually a new design with 43 more horsepower than the previous 740i/740iL. The 6 speed automatic gearbox operated from a stalklike steering column control instead of a conventional console mounted lever.

The current BMW 7 Series both use 6 speed automatic transmission with Steptronic is standard on all models. Increasing the number of forward gears offers advantages in smoothness, acceleration, and improves fuel efficiency. Lower fuel consumption equates to reduced emissions, helping the powerful models meet increasingly stringent air quality standards in the UK.

The Future

It appears BMW, following the lead of Lexus, they will begin to offer 8 speed automatic gearbox in their flagship models. Sources are now saying the gearbox will be supplied by ZF Friedrichshafen, a familiar German supplier to both marques. BMW will likely debut the new gearbox in their premium Series sedan and the X6 Sport Activity Vehicle.

BMW’s not content to be trailing with just 6 speeds, so the new 7-series (F01) will reportedly ship with an 8 speed automatic transmission. If high fuel prices and tightening emissions and consumption requirements manage to snuff out our recent horsepower battles, gear ratios are all we’ll have left.

BMW’s 8-speed fits in the same space as the old 6-speed, and is said to be smoother and more efficient than the outgoing gearbox. Perhaps more important than the greater ratio spread and increased fuel economy that the new transmission will bring is the shifter moves back to the console (cue choir of heavenly angels). Expect the new 8-speed and its modular design to wind up in many BMW vehicles after its initial launch in the upcoming 7 series.

BMW 7 Series Gearbox Part

Just because you have a BMW 7 Series doesn’t mean you need to pay top dollar for the same quality parts. We carry all BMW 7 Series parts that your local BMW dealer carries but up to 65% offer your local BMW dealer prices. In our eyes, the BMW 7 Series is one of the ultimate cars for luxury. With BMW’s passion for creating driving excitement, they did not leave out the BMW 7 Series, and with plenty of aftermarket and replacement parts available, it truly is a favorite.

Gearbox Problems

Cars are getting ever more complicated and sophisticated, which is great until the gearbox goes wrong! If your gearbox has gone we’re ready to deal with almost anything, is your gearbox broken? If so can help. Whatever your need, or we can take care of it – we stock all makes and models of gearboxes for any car for example high performance, specialist vehicles, 4×4, manual, automatic, semi-automatic or Steptronic as is in the BMW 7 Series, nothing is impossible for us when it comes to helping our customers.

When buying a used car, the gearbox is one of the most important parts to check. We strongly recommend having a used car inspected by a mechanic before buying it, it will well worth it. When buying a used car first checks the used car history records; it may save you some time and money. If the used car history report shows that the car you want to buy was used as a rental vehicle or has been involved in an accident, there is no point to even look at it.

Ask the previous owner or salesperson if any repair has been done to the gearbox. If the gearbox is already rebuilt, try to avoid buying such a car. It’s not like all rebuilt Continental Gearbox will have problems – some of them work even better than before. The problem is that not all gearbox shops can do equally the same high-quality job. And since there is no way to verify if it was rebuilt properly or not, it’s better not to take chances. Another thing to be concern about, ask if the car you are looking for was used for towing a trailer. Gearboxes wear out quicker in many cars that were used for towing a trailer.

There are a few words in the language of auto repair that make car owners want to crawl back into bed, and “gearbox” is at the top of the list. There’s something about that mysterious box underneath your car that incites fear. Unfortunately, most repair shops know this, and will take advantage of the situation by reaching deep into your pocket.

Your gearbox is a remarkable contraption. Somehow it can shift your car from gear to gear, knowing how fast you need to go and how quickly you need to get there. What goes on inside is a mystery to most. Unless your thirst for automotive knowledge borders on compulsive, you can leave it a mystery.

Gearbox problems fall into two very similar categories :

  • Won’t go.
  • Won’t go smoothly

Most Bentley Continental gearbox problems can’t be fixed by the average do-it-yourself. There are just too many specialized tools and pieces of equipment you’ll need, and buying this expensive gear just to screw up your first three tries at fixing the thing just doesn’t make too much sense. When your Bentley Continental gearbox gets tired, you’ll have to buy another and we can supply that need.

If your car Bentley Continental Gearbox is worn out or won’t go smoothly then you may need to replace it, call telephone support line on 0905 232 0099 for your gearbox part or check it out on our simple ‘Quick Find’.

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