Chrysler Engines: MPV, Voyager, Breeze, Neon

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Chrysler engine models are available at as used, reconditioned or secondhand. Simca Type 315 – Developed by Simca before its takeover by Chrysler and later manufactured by Peugeot, this engine family was famously used in the Horizon.

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Chrysler K engine – Chrysler developed a specialized straight-4 SOHC engine for the K-cars, referred to as the K-car engine or Trans Four. This 2.2 L engine eventually expanded to 2.5 L in 1985, and fuel injection and turbo charging were added. The high water mark for this engine was 1991-93 when it was available with a 16V Lotus head, twin cams, a Garrett turbocharger with intercooler, and DIS. This version was rated 224/225 BHP.

Chrysler Neon engine – In 1994, Chrysler modified the 2.2 L Chrysler K engine substantially for a 2.0 L straight 4 for the new Dodge Neon compact car. This same engine was and available in SOHC and DOHC variants, the DOHC version later expanded to 2.4 L for use in the Cirrus / Stratus / Breeze and later used in a number of Chrysler small cars and minivans. Turbocharged variants made their way into the PT Cruiser and the Dodge SRT-4.

Tritec engine – Chrysler and BMW teamed up to build a 1.6 L version of the SOHC Neon engine (many similarities, reduced bore size and spacing, designed by Chrysler) for subcompact cars to be built in Brazil. Although this engine is not sold in North America in any Chrysler vehicle, it is available in the BMW MINI Cooper, and is used in international Neons and Chrysler PT Cruisers. Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance – Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Chrysler worked together on a joint-venture 4-cylinder engine in 1.8, 2.0, and 2.4 L sizes.

Inline 8 cylinder engine – Chrysler’s early flathead inline 8-cylinder 5.3L engine used on cars such as Airflows, DeSotos and Imperials. With side valves and aluminum pistons, this was a low-rpm engine that produced about 120hp.

Small block V8 – Chrysler’s small-block V8 engines all derive from the classic A engine: 1964 to present, the LA small-block – An evolution of the A engine, and extremely successful. The original LA design was in use until recently, as were V6 and V10 engines based on this design. Today, the only LA-derived engine design currently in use is the Viper V10.

-The 5.9 (360) – Used in the Coronet, Charger and Belvedere.

-The PowerTech – Chrysler’s new 4.7 L V8 for Jeep.

-The 5.7 L Hemi – The modern Hemi, introduced in 2002.

-The 6.1 L Hemi – A larger modern Hemi, introduced in 2004.

-The Eagle — Future replacement for the PowerTech engines.

Chrysler also inherited an engine from American Motors (AMC):

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