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The Citroen Dispatch Gearbox

Citroën has introduced a manual gearbox with a Formula 1 style paddle change gearshift, with its advanced Senso Drive gearbox.

The new SensoDrive gearbox will make driving even easier thanks to its clutchless gearchange that can be conveniently operated via steering wheel-mounted paddles, allowing drivers to keep their hands on the wheel at all times for improved safety and comfort. Additionally, drivers can still change gear via a gear lever or select a completely automated operation.

To change gear manually, the driver simply flicks the paddles to change up or down, or taps the gearlever forward or backwards. Neutral and reverse can also be selected using the gearlever. To let the car do all the gear changing automatically, a button at the base of the gearlever can be pressed, allowing the driver to benefit from an even more relaxed and undemanding drive.

This commercial drive is linked to the fast pace of product renewal, to styling and engine upgrades, and also in part to the development of a functional driving aid first introduced on the Dispatch: the SensoDrive automated manual gearbox.

Introduced on the Dispatch, the Senso Drive is a real alternative to conventional manual and automatic gearboxes. It offers new driving sensations based on a choice of gearchange modes (steering wheel paddles, sequential gearlever or fully automatic). At the same time, it does away with the clutch pedal. The driver can choose between two operating modes: manual or automatic. With the electronic clutch and gearchange control, fuel consumption is lower than with a conventional manual or automatic gearbox.

The technology of the automated manual gearbox features the essential qualities necessary to meet a range of wide range of requirements:

  • stress-free urban driving combining the convenience of an automatic with the driving pleasure of manual transmission
  • ergonomic design, with the steering-wheel mounted paddles and clutchless gear change
  • low fuel consumption, by associating the efficiency of a manual gearbox with the electronic management of an automatic gearbox
  • attractive customer pricing
  • safety of use

Stop & Start contributes to quality of life in the city by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by around 10% over an urban cycle. At the same time, it cuts noise emissions, since the engine cuts out whenever the vehicle stops. With the Dispatch Stop and Start, the engine stops just before the vehicle comes to a standstill (traffic lights, traffic jams, etc.). It starts again automatically and instantaneously as soon as the driver takes his foot off the brake pedal to move forward again.

The SensoDrive also offers new driving sensations, with a choice of gearchange modes (steering-wheel paddles, sequential gearlever or fully automatic), and no clutch pedal. The Dispatch Stop and Start marks a new step forward for Citroën in acoustic comfort and vibration control, economy and environmental protection. With the Stop and Start system, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are around 10% lower over an urban cycle and 6% lower over a combined cycle.

When the driver releases the brake pedal, the engine starts up again automatically and instantaneously. The green “eco” indicator is switched off. When the driver presses the accelerator pedal down, the clutch gradually closes (Senso Drive gearbox). The driver can deactivate the “Stop and Start” system at any time, using the “eco off” button on the central fascia. In this case, the car will function in the same way as a conventional SensoDrive vehicle. Pressing the button again will reactivate the function. To activate or maintain engine stand-by, the system uses the electronic control unit to check a number of parameters.

The Stop & Start system cannot function in the following cases:

  • battery charge level too low
  • in extreme outside temperatures (below -10°C, above +30°C), when the air conditioning is on
  • when the difference between the requested temperature and the ambient temperature is too great
  • activation of windscreen demisting / defrosting
  • activation of reverse gear

The Stop & Start system is reactivated automatically whenever the car is started.

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