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The Different types of Gearboxes for the Citroën Xsara

The new Xantia acquires a computer controlled, intelligent Auto Active transmission. Employing the latest computerised technology, the four speed Auto Active gearbox combines all the driving pleasure of a manual shift with all the convenience of an automatic whilst overcoming poor fuel economy suffered by many automatic transmissions. This is achieved due to the use of torque convertor lock up in all four speeds.

Electronic control of the gearbox uses “fuzzy logic” to choose from ten different gearchange patterns while its 56 channel computer is in constant communication with the engine management computer to provide a smooth, high quality gearchange.

The transmission constantly monitors driving style and changing road conditions and adapts its ratio pattern accordingly – for instance to provide engine braking while descending a hill. The Xantia’s Auto Active gearbox offers a choice of Normal, Sports or Snow settings to allow the driver to select the most appropriate set of shift patterns.

Auto Active gearbox

Developed by Citroen, Renault and Siemens, the Auto-Active gearbox benefits from the expertise of the three companies in the fields of production, self adaptability, electronics and fuzzy logic.

Fuzzy logic is a relative logic which is used to incorporate and process a large number of parameters, even if they are uncertain or contradictory, with calculation of their relative importance. The control unit controls not only gear shifts, but also the converter. Lock-up is available on each gear which enables transmission of full engine torque without wheel spin. This system gives the Xantia models fitted with the Auto-Active gearbox low fuel consumption approaching those of manual gearbox vehicles.

The new Auto-Active transmission uses a stepped gate with a “shift-lock” safety in the PARK position and has three push buttons to activate a NORMAL SPORT and SNOW programs. The advantage of using these driving programs is that they enable the driver to stay in the program which best suits the circumstances.

In addition, the new dashboard has a gear gate display showing the gear and program selected.

The ECU is the heart of the new Auto-Active transmission receiving data from:

The gearbox (vehicles speed, turbine speed, oil temperature, lock-up status and oil pressure).

The ECU (rpm, load, torque).
The program selector and the pushbuttons (sport, snow, normal).
The brake pedal stop light switch.
The accelerator pedal position.

It uses the following 10 shift mode laws to adapt functioning of the gearbox to the driver’s driving style, to the program chosen, interior conditions (transmission temperature and pressure, …) and exterior conditions (road contours, grip, vehicle load, acceleration or deceleration…).

The Xsara Dynactive explores new possibilities in parallel hybrid design. Based on an Exclusive estate, the Xsara Dynactive is equipped with a 55 kW (75 bhp) combustion engine and a 25 kW (34 bhp) electric motor coupled on the same shaft, upstream of the Autoactive automatic gearbox. In this configuration, the electric motor can work with the gear ratios to play a fill role in all phases of driving. The electronic supervisor optimises the use of each powertrain component in order to reduce fuel consumption, limit C02 emissions and enhance driving pleasure.

The Xsara Dynactive can function in ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode. In this mode of operation, it produces no pollutant emissions and makes no noise, since it uses the electric motor alone. The Xsara Dynactive has an original powertrain architecture that makes ZEV mode particularly effective in the city. ZEV mode is activated by setting a switch on the automatic gearbox to a specific position. The range is 20 km.

The Xsara Dynactive combines consumption, performance and respect for the environment. Energy efficiency is optimised:

By combining the Autoactive gearbox with the hybrid powerplant, Citroën has made fresh progress towards “made-to-measure” driving comfort. The information on driving style detected by the gearbox affects not only the gear shifts, but also the operating variants of the hybrid powertrain. The Xsara Dynactive allies new technology with volume produced components of proven reliability and moderate cost: the TU engine and the Autoactive gearbox. Working in synergy, these components provide a unique range of services.

The Xsara Dynactive provides the link between the individual pursuit of driving pleasure and the collective pursuit of environmental protection. Its smooth performance and excellent range brings the driver peace of mind – while its low emissions and ZEV mode ensure that it fits in with its living environment.

Autoactive gearbox description

The autoactive gearbox has 4 forward gears and reverse gear with electronic selection and a Lock-up device (converter locking) in all gears 4 – 3 – 2.

Two switches close to the gear lever allow the driver to choose one of the following three driving programmes:

Selection of the normal programme ; the normal programme is the default selection
The Sport programme allows more dynamic driving and favours high performance and acceleration
The Snow programme gives extra grip when pulling away and driving on slippery surfaces

The additional switch allows 1st gear to be selected when the gear lever is in position 2.

Speacial features

The gearbox is sealed for life and no longer requires draining when the drive shafts are changed.
The gearbox is lubricated for life, and the gauze does not require replacing during the life of the vehicle.
Warning: this new gearbox uses a synthetic oil which is identical to that used in the 4HP20 (ESSO LT 71141) gearbox. The gearbox is filled through the plug near the multifunction switch.
Warning: the plug located under the gearbox has a double function: drain plug and level plug. As with vehicles fitted with the 4HP20 gearbox, it is not necessary to add oil when being towed.
Imperative: as the engine and gearbox ECUs communicate with each other, it is essential to read the memories of the two ECUs after an incident affecting either system.

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