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Daewoo Leganza Engine innovation over the years

The Daewoo Leganza was a mid-size sedan produced by the former Daewoo Motors in South Korea between 1997 and 2002. Its internal development name was V100, under which it and its platform (not directly shared with any other model) are also known.

The Leganza was offered as a base 2.0 5 speed manual, with hubcaps, cloth trim and all the standard power options. The engine was upgraded to the 2.2L which boosted power from 98Kw to 100Kw. Its performance was better but fuel consumption increased.

Daewoo Leganza Engine Specifications

2.2L DOHC 16-valve D-TEC I-4 engine w/131 hp @ 5200 rpm &
148 lb.-ft. of torque @ 2800 rpm, Independent MacPherson strut-type front suspension, Independent multi-link-type rear suspension, Power-assisted steering, Speed-sensitive power-assisted steering(SSPS), Power-assisted 4-wheel disc brakes w/ventilated front rotors, Fuel cut-off switch w/reset button

The Leganza was offered as a base 2.0 5 speed manual, with hubcaps, cloth trim and all the standard power options. The engine was upgraded to the 2.2L which boosted power from 98Kw to 100Kw. Its performance was better but fuel consumption increased.


The Leganza was a front-wheel drive car, available with a four-door sedan body only. The Leganza was powered by Holden-sourced E-TEC II DOHC 16V I4 engines (two displacements were made using the same block and bore, differing in stroke):

2.0 L (1998 cc) – 98 kW (131 HP), 184 N·m (136 lb·ft) of torque
2.2 L (2198 cc) – 100 kW (134 hp), 191 N·m (141 lb·ft) of torque

Cleaning your Leganza Engine

Like anything else, engines work better when they’re clean. But cleaning an engine is not the same as cleaning the rest of your car. Here’s how to get your engine in tip-top shape.

1. Warm up the engine slightly. Do not get the engine to operating temperature, but allow it to run for a minute or so if it is heavily soiled.

2. Move the car to an area where the soap and material cleaned off will not cause damage or enter a storm drain. If you do not have access to a suitable location, take the vehicle to a car wash with an industrial wastewater treatment system. This is especially important if there is a lot of oil and sludge residue on the engine.

3. Remove the negative terminal cable on the battery then the positive.

4. Cover any exposed electrical components with a plastic bag or plastic wrap. This will prevent the electrical components of the car from being exposed to water which will be needed.

5. Cover the breather or air intake and carburetor on older engines with heavy aluminum foil or plastic. You may choose to tape or tie this in place, since water can cause serious problems if allowed into this area.

6. Brush any loose dirt or debris from the engine surfaces, either using a stiff bristle paint brush, or a plastic bristle cleaning brush.

7. Mix a solution of “grease cutting” dish detergent and water, using about 2 cups detergent to one gallon water.

8. Brush your solution on the engine, working it into the dirtiest areas, wetting them thoroughly.

9. Get a garden hose. Thoroughly rinse the engine.

10. Consult the vehicle’s service manual and look up material that will be needed to clean the engine block and other metal parts. For heavy grease, you may have to use a solvent like mineral spirits, but engine de-greaser, available at automotive supply stores would be better. A household de-greaser such as Simple Green may also be effective. Be sure to follow the instructions on the container.

11. Remove plastic after rinsing engine and cleaning away residue of whatever chemical that you used to clean the metal components.

12. Let the engine dry. Most engines with high energy ignitions will run with the plug wires (and distributer) wet, but may misfire or run “rough” until these components dry out completely.

13. Remove all the materials you used to cover electrical and fuel system components.

Tips with the cleaning the engine

Do not wash sludge, oil, or grease into a storm drain or sewer system.
Using hot water will clean much more effectively. For very dirty engines, take the vehicle to a mechanic’s shop and have the engine steam cleaned.

Warnings with cleaning the engine

Determine the proper procedure for disconnecting the battery. There are sensitive computer components in modern cars that need to be protected. Without following procedure, one may trigger service codes or damage the onboard computer.

Things You’ll Need to clean the engine

Eye protection, such as goggles
Grease-cutting dish detergent
Stiff plastic bristle brush
Garden hose
Plastic bags
Battery terminal puller

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