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Daewoo Matiz Engines

The Daewoo Matiz is a city car produced by the South Korean automaker GM Daewoo, marketed worldwide since 1998.

The Matiz M100 1998 to 2008 was originally launched with just a 0.8 L 3 cylinder engine. This engine was developed from the TICO unit by Tickford, a UK company based in Milton Keynes.

The Matiz M150 2000 to present was designed at Daewoo’s Worthing Technical Centre in England and introduced in South Korea in late 2000, and exported from 2001. The front end structure was modified to accommodate a four cylinder engine, although the introduction of this engine, the 1 litre S Tec unit was delayed until after Daewoo’s takeover by General Motors in 2002.

The Matiz M200 2005 to present were updated with S Tec engines and the car’s drag coefficient was lowered, resulting in better fuel economy. In 2008, the 0.8L engine was revised to fall below the 120g/km level, thus qualifying for the UK’s £35 road tax band and no London Congestion Charge. In Europe it was sold under the name Chevrolet Matiz II. In South Korea, where it is sold only with a 800 cc engine and following the introduction of M300 Matiz Creative, the M200 Matiz was renamed to Matiz Classic. Chevrolet Spark LPG was a version for the Indian market with Sequential Injection type LPG kit. Available models included 1.0L PS and 1.0L LS.

What are Sequential Injection type LPG kits?

Multipoint Sequential Gas Injection Systems (SGIS) are the most appropriate type of LPG conversion for vehicles built after 1999. Any vehicle with a plastic inlet manifold should have this type of conversion. Kit costs have reduced and set-up of the systems is now considerably easier. The sequential system injects LPG as a vapour for each cylinder, very close to the inlet valves. The system offers slightly improved economy and performance (when compared with induction systems) and eliminates the possibility of spit back. Induction Systems is the simplest type of LPG conversion carried out. Suitable for all types of vehicle built before 1999 (except those with a plastic inlet manifold), the system introduces gas to the engine in a vapour form through the inlet manifold. Older, carburettor vehicles and early, injection models use the LPG reducer to control the inlet of fuel into the engine. Later vehicles use a slightly more sophisticated management system that reads the oxygen sensor in the exhaust. This then controls fuel levels using a stepper motor, which gives the most efficient fuelling at all times. Diesel engines can be converted to run partly on LPG, partly on diesel. This method uses the combustion of the diesel to ignite the LPG. The benefits include large increases in power and reduction in emissions, particularly the black smoke often associated with diesels. Typically a ratio of 30% LPG to 70% diesel is possible. No adjustments are required to the diesel injection system and fuel savings come from the fact that throttle openings are lower due to the greatly increased power, which basically means you do not have to press the accelerator as hard to get the same performance. Fuel savings up to 30% are possible with the increased power levels seen as a major benefit to users.

The Matiz M300 2009 to present is a redesign, it is based on the Chevrolet Beat concept car. It is powered by a 1.2 L turbocharged gasoline engine. Also in 2009 the car was presented a pre-production version of the Chevrolet Beat carrying the Chevrolet Spark. In Europe the engine choices included 1.0 and 1.2 litre I4 engines. In South Korea the Matiz version was renamed to Matiz Creative, the global car includes 1,000 cc S-TEC II engine.

Performance and Fuel Consumption for the early Daewoo Matiz only

top speed (mph) 89
0-62 (mph) 17.0
fuel consumption urban – manual 33.6mpg / 8.4 L/100km
fuel consumption extra urban – manual 54.3mpg / 5.2 L/100km
fuel consumption combined – manual 44.1mpg / 6.4 L/100km

Engine and Transmission for the early Daewoo Matiz only

displacement (cc) 796
multipoint fuel injection system standard
3 way catalytic convertor standard
unleaded fuel standard
power output (Ps @ rpm) 51 @ 5900
max.torque (Nm @ rpm) 67 @ 4600
final drive ratio (manual) 4.444
single dry plate disc clutch standard
front wheel drive standard
type, 3 cylinder, in-line 6v SOHC

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