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Find Japanese Engines – Great Savings on Mitsubishi, Toyota engine, Subaru, Nissan and more..

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Engine CodePrices
ToyotaLucida2.2 turbo diesel 1991-20003CT, 3CTE £795.00
MR22.0 Petrol 1989 – 19943SGE £449.95
Celica2.0 Petrol 1993 – 19983SGE £479.95
Avensis1.8wti Petrol 1997-20051ZZ £449.95
Hilux Surf2.5,2.4,3.0 Petrol Turbo,Non
Turbo, Diesel,Petrol 1984-1999
2LTE, 2LT, 5L £495.00
MitubishiPajero2.8, turbo diesel 1993-19984M40 £1095.00
Shogun2.8, turbo diesel 1993-19984M40£699.95
Delica2.8, turbo diesel 1993-19984M40 1095.00
Delica2.5, turbo/non turbo diesel 1993-19984D56 £1095.00
Shogun2.5, turbo/non turbo diesel 1993-19984D56 £549.95
Pajero2.5 turbo/non turbo diesel 1993-19984D56 £795.00
SubaruImprezza2.0 turbo/non turboEJ20 £499.95
Legacy2.0 turbo/non turbo 92-06EJ20 £1195.00
NissanTerrano2.7 turbo/non turbo dieselTD27£1295.00

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