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Ford C-Max Engine

The C-Max car engines are available in 1.6 L, 1.8 L and 2.0 L aluminium Duratec, and the 1.8 L Duratec Flexi fuel, which runs on E85 bio ethanol or petrol, while the diesel engines are the PSA-developed Duratorq 66 kW (90 hp) and 85 kW (109 hp) 1.6 (1560cc) L, Ford’s own Lynx Duratorq 1.8 L 85 kW (115 hp), and the PSA-designed 100 kW (136 hp) 2.0 L.

In 2010 Ford announced the new engine choice which include 1.6 and 2.0L Ford EcoBoost engine with declared 160-180 and 200 hp (149 kW), accordingly.

Ford Duratec engine

The Duratec is a range of four, five, and six-cylinder gasoline engines. Duratec engines have NO keyways and rely on the clamping effort of the crankshaft bolt to drive the entire timing gear & oil pump.

Ford C-Max Duratorq engine

Commonly referred to as Duratorq, is the marketing name of a range of Ford diesel engines first introduced in 2000 for the Ford Mondeo range of cars. The first design, codenamed “Puma” during its development replaced the older Endura unit which had been around since 1984.

This is the latest exciting power unit to come from Ford and looks very much like the Zetec – especially when that engine’s badged as such! But there are big differences – the engine has chain-driven cams as opposed to the Zetec’s belt, plus the induction and exhausts are respectively on the opposite sides. The engine features an alloy block and head plus some clever technology straight from the race track. The crank sits up inside the block and is held in place and braced at the same time, with an aluminium girdle. Oil drain galleries run down the side of the block directing the returning oil away from the crank thus not slowing it down. The crank is strong but the rods and pistons aren’t necessarily so. They owe their appearance to proper race items but in truth, the ultra-slim skirted pistons are cast rather than forged. The rods are a touch boxy although they’re svelte. The combination though results in a free-revving assembly ideal for controlling emissions – it spins up quickly thus negating the need to use up fuel doing so.

Ford’s C-Max Duratorq TDCi family offers customers four major benefits

Refinement: Despite outstanding torque output, the three Ford Duratorq TDCi turbo diesels are quiet, smooth and refined, with operating characteristics akin to petrol engines.

Performance: The 2.0-litre Mondeo Duratorq TDCi produces an impressive 130PS and a peak torque figure of 330Nm. 0-62 mph is delivered in 9.9 seconds while its top speed is 124 mph. The 1.8-litre Focus Duratorq TDCi produces 115PS and a peak torque figure of 280Nm. It will dash from 0-62mph in 10.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 120mph.

Economy: The precision of Ford’s Duratorq TDCi second-generation common-rail fuel injection technology manages to combine improved performance with economy figures equal to, or better than, comparative direct injection diesels. The Ford Focus Duratorq TDCi delivers 51.4mpg and a CO2 figure of 145 g/km, while the Ford Mondeo returns 47.9mpg and 156 g/km. The forthcoming Fiesta Duratorq TDCi will be capable of delivering 65.7mpg and an equally impressive CO2figure of 119g/km.

Noise levels: The new Duratorq TDCi engines are incredibly quiet. Using new Noise Reduction Technology called ‘accelerometer pilot control’ (APC), the TDCi engine ‘listens’ to itself to monitor noise levels.

Clearly, diesels are becoming an increasingly important segment of the UK motor industry. The new Ford Duratorq TDCi engine is the latest and best that diesel technology has to offer and it will appeal to the most discerning and demanding of UK buyers.

Ford EcoBoost C-Max engine

EcoBoost is a family of turbocharged and direct injected six-cylinder and four-cylinder gasoline engines produced by the Ford Motor Company. Engines equipped with EcoBoost technology are designed to deliver power and torque consistent with larger displacement, naturally aspirated engines while achieving approximately 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions than these same engines. Relative to the power output and fuel efficiency of hybrid and diesel technologies, Ford sees EcoBoost as an affordable and versatile alternative and intends on using it extensively in future vehicle applications.

Ford has so far unveiled three different four-cylinder engines equipped with EcoBoost technology in concept and production vehicles. Like the 3.5 L EcoBoost V6, all the engines are turbocharged and direct injected.

A 1.6 L version was first unveiled in the 2009 Lincoln C Concept. The engine is rated at 180 bhp (130 kW) and 180 lb•ft (244 N•m). Another 1.6L version of 150 bhp (110 kW) is to go on selling in European market, having lower consumption and CO2.

A 2.0 L version was first seen in the 2008 Ford Explorer America Concept. The engine was rated at 275 bhp (205 kW) and 280 lb•ft (380 N•m). It is the first EcoBoost engine to include Twin-Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT), with advertised 10-20% better fuel economy while maintaining the performance of 3.0 liter V6 engines. Power will be at least 230 bhp (170 kW), and torque will be at least 240 lb•ft (325 N•m). Ford announced the production would begin in 2010.

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