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About Ford Cortina engine

The Ford Cortina is a mid-sized family car built by Ford of Britain in various guises from 1962 to 1982. The Cortina was Ford’s mass-market mid-sized car and sold extremely well, making it very common on British roads. Ford Cortina Engine Ford Cortina Mark I from 1962 to 1966 were notable models were the Lotus Cortina and Cortina GT. Available with 1.2 L and 1.5 L engines.

The Cortina was launched a few weeks before the London Motor Show of October 1962 with a 1197 cc 3-bearing engine, which was an enlarged version of the 997 cc engine then fitted in the Ford Anglia. A few months later, in January 1963, the Cortina Super was announced with a 5 bearing 1499 cc engine. Versions of the larger engine found their way into subsequent variations, including the Cortina GT which appeared in Spring 1963 with lowered suspension and engine tuned to give a claimed output of 78 bhp ahead of the 60 bhp claimed for the Cortina 1500 Super.

The engines used across the Mark I range were of identical design, differing only in capacity and setup. The formula used was a 4 cylinder pushrod (Over Head Valve) design that came to be known as the “pre-cross flow” version as both inlet and exhaust ports were located on the same side of the head. The most powerful version of this engine (used in the GT Cortina) was 1498 cc and produced 78 bhp. This engine contained a different camshaft profile, a different cast of head featuring larger ports, tubular exhaust headers and a Weber double barrel carburettor.

Lotus Cortina models were solely offered as two-door saloons all in white with a contrasting green side flash down each flank. Lotus Cortina’s had a unique 1.6 L twin cam engine by Lotus, but based on the Cortina’s Kent OHV engine. Ford Cortina Mark II from 1966 to 1970 was designed by Roy Haynes, and released in 1966, four years after the original Cortina. It had smaller engined models, for the UK and some other markets, of a new five bearing 1300 cc engine. A stripped out 1200 cc version running the engine of the Ford Anglia Super was also available for certain markets where the 1300 cc engine attracted a higher rate of tax.

The 1500 cc engines were at first carried over, but for 1967, they received a new cross flow cylinder head design, making them more efficient. At this time, they became 1600 cc in size, with the Lotus Cortina continuing with its own unique engine. Ford Cortina TC Mark III from 1970 to 1976 were 1.3 L, 1.6 L and 2.0 L engines were offered, the 1.6 L having two distinct types – the Kent unit for models up to GT trim and a SOHC Pinto unit for the GT and GXL, the latter of which was also offered in 1600 form for a short while. 2.0 L variants used a larger version of the 1600 Pinto unit and were available in all trim levels except base.

Ford Cortina Mark lll from 1970 to 1976 was a radical departure from the familiar 3 square box car of the Marks l and ll. As with previous Cortinas, the Mark lll came in many versions, engine size ranged from a slightly wheezy 1300 cc, the most popular 1600 cc, these 2 engines being lifted from the Mark ll, and a new 2000 cc overhead cam engine.

The top of the range models were a GT and GXL Models, available with either 1600 cc or 2000 cc overhead cam engines. Early Cortinas (and Capris) fitted with the overhead cam engine soon suffered from early cam shaft failure, announced by a healthy clatter from under the bonnet, this failure was due mainly to poor lubrication of the camshaft. A replacement for the much missed MK2 1600E did not arrive until late 1973 with the launch of the Mark 3 2000E, this coincided with a general update of the range with over 100 subtle improvements including ventilation, suspension and lighting. All models except the 1300 cc version now featured the overhead cam engine. Ford Cortina Mark IV from 1976 to 1979 series spawned the first Ghia top of the range model, which replaced the 2000E. The 2.3 L Ford Cologne V6 engine was introduced in 1977 as an engine above the 2.0 L Pinto engine, already a staple of the Capri and Granada ranges. The 2.0 L Ford Cologne V6 engine continued to be offered on Taunus badged cars in parallel with the Pinto unit, and offers here an interesting comparison with the similarly sized in-line four-cylinder Pinto engine. The V6 with a lower compression ratio offered less power and less performance, needing over an extra second to reach 50 mph (80 km/h). It did, however, consumes 12½% less fuel and was considered by motor journalists to be a far quieter and smoother unit. The 2.3 L was available to the GL, S and Ghia variants. A 1.6 Ghia option was also introduced at the same time as the 2.3V6 models in response to private and fleet buyers who wanted Ghia refinements with the improved fuel economy of the smaller 1.6 Pinto engine. Ford Cortina Mark V from 1979 to 1982 was officially it was known as “Cortina 80”, although the Mark V tag was given to it immediately on release, by the press, insiders and the general public. Improvements were also made to the engine range, with slight improvements to both fuel economy and power output compared to the Mark IV. For example, the 2.3V6 engine was given electronic ignition and a slight boost in power output to 116 bhp, compared to the 108 bhp of the Mark IV.

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