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We are the UK’s leading Ford Focus Gearbox experts, for quick and efficient assistance with any Ford Focus Gearbox call today on 0905 232 0099 or use our ‘quick find’ online help form. We will help you get it right first time, every time, for all our customers you will receive up to 80% discount on new, used or second hand gear boxes, free delivery worldwide, 100% guarantee on all parts.

We offer absolute commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail and an unparalleled level of service at the UK’s leading specialist in new, used, second-hand or even reconditioned gearboxes.

Focus Mark 1 Gearboxes from 1998 to 2004

  • 5 speed MTX-75 Manual Gearbox (2.0, RS & 1.8 TDCi, 1.8 TDDi)
  • 5 speed IB5 Manual Gearbox (1.4, 1.6, 1.8)
  • 6 speed Getrag 285 Manual Gearbox (ST170)
  • 4 speed 4F27E Automatic Gearbox (1.6, 2.0)

  • Focus Mark 2 Gearbox from 2004 to 2010These vehicle gearboxes feature either a Durashift 6 speed manual, Durashift 4 speed automatic gearbox, the all new Durashift advanced manual Gearbox or just the standard manual.

    About the Durashift on the FocusDurashift is the brand name of a range of Ford automatic and recently manual gearboxes.

    Relaxed automatic gear shifting or a sporty sequential manual? You don’t need to choose one or the other, because you can now have both, with the sophisticated new Durashift tronic automatic gearbox.

    This advanced Durashift gearbox adds fresh dimension to the Ford’s acclaimed driving experience, by providing you with both a fully automatic gear change and clutchless manual shifting in a single unit.

    Durashift is the flexible option for today’s varied driving environment.

    In heavy city traffic or the busy stop-start conditions, simply select ‘Drive’ and the gearbox takes care of the gearshifts, adapting to the conditions and your individual style.

    Then on demanding back roads or sweeping highways, when you prefer the controllability of manual gearbox, simply move the selector sideways and you instantly have a clutchless manual gearbox that lets you decide when to change gear.

    Durashift gearbox delivers new levels of gear shifting refinement. But that’s not all. It also adapts to the road conditions and your driving style. Whether it is climbing a gradient or coasting downhill, gridlocked in the city traffic or preparing to overtake on the highway, Durashift’s next generation Automatic Gearbox Control Unit (ATCU) selects the most appropriate operating mode for a smooth and refined driving experience.

    The safety featuresThe new Durashift automatic gearbox incorporates a number of features designed to enhance safety and convenience. The vehicle can only be started with the selector in the ‘Park’ or ‘Neutral’ position and the key can only be removed from the ignition when the selector is in ‘Park’.

    The versatile nature of Durashift enables it to meet two contrasting motoring needs:
    • Driven in automatic, it will reward you with effortless, refined and economical travel
    • In manual, you will be able to enjoy driving in a much more sporty manner

    • ‘Drive’ and ‘Reverse’ can only be selected from the ‘Park’ position with the brake pedal depressed. This feature is known as the brake/shift interlock. Engaging ‘Drive’ or ‘Reverse’ from the ‘Neutral’ position is possible without operating the brakes.

      Other different types of DurashiftDurashift EST (Electronic Shift Gearbox) features electronic control with manual selection of gears, available in 4, 5 or 6 gear configurations. The 2000-2006 Ford Transit featured a Durashift EST automatic gearbox. It had different modes, such as: Economy, Winter and Tow-Haul mode. The current Ford Mondeo features Durashift in a 2.3litre, 6-speed automatic power train. In addition to the Mondeo, the Fusion features Durashift EST in a 1.4L, 5-speed automatic power train. It’s a clutchless manual gearbox that retains all the control, performance, low cost and economy of a manual box, along with the convenience and simplicity of an automatic.

      Three tiny electric motors take the place of the clutch pedal and the cables normally required by the clutch and shifting mechanisms. Two of these motors do the shifting work on the driver’s behalf and the third motor, supported by a hefty spring, actuates the clutch. So yes, despite there being no clutch pedal, you still get a clutch. To engage the manual SSM mode, the driver merely has to move the lever from the D position and tip the lever back to change up and forward to change down.

      Unlike most systems which can be a little jerky, the Fusion Durashift is easy to flick smoothly up and down the gearbox, the gearbox even blipping instantaneously on downshifts to match the revs for you. The key difference between Durashift EST and many other sequential manual gearboxes is the quality of the software in full automatic ASM mode. Drop the lever into D and roll away and you’ll probably appreciate the syrupy smoothness, but there’s a whole lot of clever programming behind it. The Gearbox Control Unit (TCU) is a box of tricks that gathers information from a number of sensors, analyses driving styles and communicates with the cars main brain, the gearbox control unit (ECU).

      There is a CVT version for smaller cars.

      Why use us for a Focus GearboxWe are the gearbox specialists, it’s all we do, and we do it well and we are the best at offering any make or model of gearboxes.

      All our automatic and manual gearboxes are available new, second-hand and remanufactured or reconditioned to the highest standards. All our gearbox components meet or exceed all original manufactures specifications, and most of the time the Ford Focus Gearbox components are sourced from our specialist breakers. You can buy with confidence from us, knowing that you have the best quality Ford Focus Gearbox with the best warranty protection. We have an extensive network of industry contacts to ensure you find what you are looking for.
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