Honda Accord Engine

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Honda Accord Engine

The Honda Accord is a series of mid size automobiles manufactured by Honda since 1976, and sold in the majority of automotive markets throughout the world. Honda chose the name Accord, reflecting “Honda’s desire for accord and harmony between people, society and the automobile. The initial design was changed to a fuel efficient, low emission vehicle since it was introduced during the fuel crises of the 1970s.

Accords first generation engine 1976 to 1981

In 1979 a four-door sedan was added to the line-up, and power went to 72 hp (54 kW) when the 1.6 (97.6 cu in) EL1 engine was supplemented and in certain markets replaced by the 1.8 engine (106.9 cu in) EK-1 unit.

The EL engine displaced an SOHC 8 valve engine with a 2 barrel carburettor. Output was 78 hp @ 5000 rpm and 97 ft.lbf @ 3000 rpm.

There were 2 different EK Engine, until late 1979 the heads used a two port exhaust design. On the 1979 through 1981 EK1 the head used a four port exhaust design. For 1982 and 1983, the intake and exhaust port layout was changed, and head bolt spacing was changed to allow better flow. EK motors used Honda’s CVCC design, and were 8 valve motors with 4 additional auxiliary intake valves. Both displaced 1,751 cc. 2 port output was 72 hp at 4500 rpm and 94 ft.lbf at 3000 rpm, while the original 4-port head raised this to 75 hp at 4500 rpm and 96 ft.lbf at 3000 rpm. The revised 4 port had another slight horsepower increase.

Accords second generation engine 1982 to 1985

Modernizing both the interior and exterior, the second generation Accord was mechanically very similar to the original, using the same 75 hp, 1,751 cc EK1 CVCC engine, fuel economy increased by nearly 15%.

In 1985, the Special Edition returned as the SE-i, capitalizing on the final year of the second generation’s production. A fuel-injected, 110 bhp non-cvcc ES3 engine was exclusive to this model. The moniker, SE-i, was adapted from the SE trim, but included the “-i” to signify the higher trim level’s fuel-injected engine. This 12 valve, 1,829 cc (1.829 L; 111.6 cu in) engine was the first non-CVCC engine used in an Accord, and was the same basic engine design used by Honda until 1989.

Accords third generation 1986 to 1989

The third generation Accord was introduced in Japan in 1985 and in Europe and North America in 1986. The Accord’s available engine included the following: for Europe, the A16A1, A20A2, A20A4, B20A2 and B20A8 were available, with a 2.0L 98 hp l4 type engine, 2.0L 120 hp l4 type engine and a 1.8L 110 hp.

l4 engine is the inline four engine or straight four engine is an internal combustion engine with all four cylinders mounted in a straight line, or plane along the crankcase. The single bank of cylinders may be oriented in either a vertical or an inclined plane with all the pistons driving a common crankshaft. Where it is inclined, it is sometimes called a slant-four. In a specification chart or when an abbreviation is used, an inline-four engine is listed either as I4 or L4 (for longitudinal, to avoid confusion between the digit 1 and the letter I).

The inline-four layout is the simplest design which is in perfect primary balance and confers a degree of mechanical simplicity which makes it popular for economy cars. However, despite its simplicity, it suffers from a secondary imbalance which causes minor vibrations in smaller engine. These vibrations become worse as engine size and power increase, so the more powerful engine used in larger cars generally are more complex designs with more than four cylinders.

Accords fourth generation 1990 to 1993

This became a rather different model, fitted with a longitudinally mounted inline five-cylinder engine. Honda made significant engineering design improvements, it came with a completely new all aluminium 2.2 litre 16 valves electronic fuel injected engine standard, replacing the previous 2.0 litre 12-valve model from the past generation. The mount contained 2 fluid filled chambers separated by a computer controlled valve. At low engine speeds, fluid is routed through the valve damping vibration. Above 850 rpm, fluid is routed around the valve making the engine mount stiffer. A 125 horsepower 4-cylinder engine was offered in the DX and LX models (F22A1), while the 1990 and 1991 EX received a 130 hp version (F22A4).

Accords received a minor facelift for the 1992 model year. The SE trim was dropped again but left behind its 140 hp F22A6 engine for use in the EX model. This engine adds 15 hp over the DX-LX trims and 10 hp over the 90-91 EX trim.

Accords fifth generation 1994 to 1997

DX and LX models came equipped similarly to the previous generation and were fitted with a revised version of the previous generation’s 2.2 litre non-VTEC 4-cylinder engine. This F22B2 engine was rated at130 hp up from 125 in the previous generation. The Si-R Accord which was hard to tell apart exterior wise from a run of the mill EX model, and came equipped with the 200 hp H22A DOHC VTEC engine, similar to the H22A1 engine.

In 1995, the Accord debuted a V6 engine; the 2.7 L C27 borrowed this from the first generation. The V6 was offered in both the LX and EX versions of the sedan, LX models being referred to as LX-V6 and EX models as EX-V6. EX-V6 models came equipped similarly to the EX-L with leather seats being the only option in the EX-V6. Addition of the taller C27 engine required substantial alterations to the CD platform, with V6 models sporting a redesigned engine box, taller front fenders, and a different hood than I4 models.

Accords sixth generation 1998 to 2002 onwards

The Euro R included an H22A engine rated 220 bhp (160 kW), the SiR-T model included a 2.0L F20B engine rated 200 PS and 144.5 lb.ft, 11.0.1 compression, 7800rpm redline just like H-series VTEC Engine that from factory are limited to 7800 rpms.

The Accord SiR was based on SiR-T, This engine is rated 180 PS (130 kW; 180 hp) but with better midrange characteristics. The SiR Wagon model included the only 2.3 L VTEC H-series engine in the Honda line-up.

For the 1998 model year, the sedan was offered on the DX, LX, EX, and EX-V6 trims while the Accord Coupe was offered only in LX, EX, and EX-V6 trims. The DX model was fitted with a 2.3L I4 engine rated 135 bhp (from the past generation Accord), while the LX and EX included a 2.3L I4 VTEC engine rated 150 bhp.

All V6 sedan and coupe models received the new 3.0L V6 SOHC VTEC engine rated 200 bhp and 195 lb.ft (from Acura 3.0 CL).

The Accord Type-R (CH1) model was sold in European markets. The 2,156 cc I4 H22A7 VTEC engine was rated 220 PS; at 7200rpm and 221 N.m at 6700rpm. Recaro seats, LSD (Limited Slip Differential) and stiffer suspension came standard. Other Engine in this model included a 1.8L F18B VTEC engine rated at 136 hp and a 2L F20B6 VTEC engine rated at 145 hp.

The Type-V model (2001-) included the F23Z5 VTEC engine.

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