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Published by Carl Wilson on is undoubtedly the UK’S leading in new, reconditioned and used supplier online; we undoubtedly have the largest stock of Honda Beat gearboxes in the UK. We provide fully guaranteed second hand gearboxes parts direct to your doorat discounted prices with free postage, we constantly strive to help our customers save huge amounts of money on Honda Beat gearboxes every day.

How a Honda Beat Gearbox is reconditioned

Each gearbox is built from start to finish as a whole unit independent from all others. First it gets broken down and cleaned by the teardown department and inspected. It then goes into a hot wash and is brought out to be re-inspected by the prep department, who then takes the cases to our polishing station for further cleanup. While this is being done all of the hard parts are then examined again by our technical inspectors.

The valve bodies are placed in an ultra-sonic cleaning station after the builder tears them down and inspects all springs and pistons. All pistons are then hand polished to a mirror finish, thus removing all imperfections, and the valve bodies are washed for a third time. Valve bodies are then re-assembled by the builder who then goes over the notes of both prior inspections. The builder then does his own inspection and goes over the unit with a fine toothed comb. Once satisfied, he builds the unit. If there is a question regarding any quality issues, the builder then would go to the operations manager to correct his findings.

Each gearbox goes through four cleaning stages and four inspection stages to insure cleanliness and quality of parts. The gearboxes are built in enclosed rooms to keep the environment as dust and lint free as is possible. Each gearbox is built using the finest parts and bearings to insure a unit that will last for many years. Once the gearbox has been completed, the builder then stamps his initials and a serial number on the unit and all work performed is then documented in his builder notes which are then filed as a permanent record.

The Beats Gearbox specification

The Beat drives a manual gearbox and shifts smoothly and can be fun to operate. Also handling and ride comfort are surprisingly good. The Honda Beat is equipped with MacPherson strut front and rear suspension, and all-wheel disc brakes.

Synchronized 5-speed forward, 1 reverse
Primary Reduction – Direct 1:1
Gearbox fluid capacity: 1.2L SE/SF 10W30

Gear Ratios:

1st – 3.428
2nd – 2.166
3rd – 1.576
4th – 1.172
5th – 0.941
Reverse – 4.300
Final Drive – 5.714

manual gearbox, also known as a manual gearbox or standard gearbox (informally, a “manual”, “stick shift”, “straight shift”, or “straight drive”) is a type of gearbox used in motor vehicle applications. It generally uses a driver-operated clutch, typically operated by a pedal or lever, for regulating torque transfer from the internal combustion engine to the gearbox, and a gear-shift, either operated by hand (as in a car) or by foot (as on a motorcycle). Other types of gearbox in mainstream automotive use are the automatic gearbox, semi-automatic gearbox, and the continuously variable gearbox (CVT).

Manual gearboxes often feature a driver-operated clutch and a movable gear selector. Most automobile manual gearboxes allow the driver to select any forward gear ratio (“gear”) at any time.

Manual gearboxes are characterized by gear ratios that are selectable by locking selected gear pairs to the output shaft inside the gearbox. Conversely, most automatic gearboxes feature epicyclic (planetary) gearing controlled by brake bands and/or clutch packs to select gear ratio. Automatic gearboxes that allow the driver to manually select the current gear are called Manumatic. A manual style gearbox operated by computer is often called an automated gearbox rather than an automatic.

Contemporary automobile manual gearboxes typically use four to six forward gears and one reverse gear, although automobile manual gearboxes have been built with as few as two and as many as eight gears. Gearbox for heavy trucks and other heavy equipment usually have at least 9 gears so the gearbox can offer both a wide range of gears and close gear ratios to keep the engine running in the power band. Some heavy vehicle gearboxes have dozens of gears, but many are duplicates, introduced as an accident of combining gear sets, or introduced to simplify shifting. Some manuals are referred to by the number of forward gears they offer (e.g., 5-speed) as a way of distinguishing between automatic or other available manual gearboxes. Similarly, a 5-speed automatic gearbox is referred to as a “5-speed automatic”.

Manual gearboxes generally offer better fuel economy than automatic torque converter gearboxes; however the disparity has been somewhat offset with the introduction of locking torque converters on automatic gearboxes. Increased fuel economy with a properly operated manual gearbox vehicle versus an equivalent automatic gearbox vehicle can range from 5% to about 15% depending on driving conditions and style of driving. Manual gearboxes do not require active cooling and generally weigh less than comparable automatics. The manual gearbox couples the engine to the gearbox with a rigid clutch instead of a torque converter which slips by nature. Manual gearboxes also lack the parasitic power consumption of the automatic gearbox’s hydraulic pump.

Manual gearboxes also generally offer a higher selection of gear ratios. Many vehicles offer a 5-speed or 6-speed manual, whereas the automatic option would be a 4-speed all the way up to (more recently) an 8-speed. The higher selection of gears allowed for more uses of the engine’s power band, allowing for higher fuel economy and power output. This is generally due to the space available inside of a manual gearbox versus an automatic since the latter requires extra components for self-shifting, such as torque converters and pumps.

Buying a Beat gearbox

A Honda Beat gearbox has become more reliable these days, but still as in all gearboxes it’s the most-easiest-to-break and very-expensive-to-fix part of the vehicle. If heavily abused, the Beat gearbox can be easily destroyed within just half an hour. Any gearbox is very sensitive to the gearbox fluid quality and condition. Improper fluid type can damage the gearbox. When buying a used car, a gearbox is one of the most important parts to check.

When buying a used car, the gearbox is one of the most important parts to check. We strongly recommend having a used car inspected by a mechanic before buying it, it will well worth it. When buying a used car first checks the used car history records; it may save you some time and money. If the used car history report shows that the car you want to buy was used as a rental vehicle or has been involved in an accident, there is no point to even look at it. Ask the previous owner or salesperson if any repair has been done to the (model) gearbox. If the gearbox is already rebuilt, try to avoid buying such a car. It’s not like all rebuilt Beat gearbox will have problems – some of them work even better than before. The problem is that not all gearbox shops can do equally the same high-quality job. And since there is no way to verify if it was rebuilt properly or not, it’s better not to take chances. Another thing to be concern about, ask if the car you are looking for was used for towing a trailer. Gearboxes wear out quicker in many cars that were used for towing a trailer.

What happens next if you need a replacement?

We are the UK’s largest virtual Honda Beat gearbox warehouse offering amazing 80% off for our customers on all parts. We are the gearbox specialists, it’s all we do, and we do it well and we are the best at offering any make or model of gearboxes.

We only work with specialist Gearboxes suppliers; their unrivalled knowledge ensures that you get the right parts – first time! All our gearboxes are fully tested prior to dispatch and include a warranty; this is a testament to the quality of parts that we deliver. If your car Beat gearbox is worn out or won’t go smoothly then you may need to replace it, call telephone support line on 0905 232 0099 for your gearbox part or check it out on our simple ‘Quick Find‘.

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