Honda CR-V Engine

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Honda CR-V Engine

The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by the Japanese company Honda since 1996. There are discrepancies as to what “CR-V” stands for; it is thought that its real meaning is ‘Comfortable Runabout Vehicle’.

First generation CR-V engine from 1996 to 2001

Upon introduction, the model had only one trim level, which would later be known as the LX model trim; it was powered by the 2.0 L straight-4 B20B producing 126 hp (94 kW) and 133 lb•ft (180 N•m) of torque. Outer dimensions for this engine would be identical to the Integra’s 1.8 L engine, but internally the engine had a larger 84 mm bore to add the extra displacement needed to produce more torque. The engine utilized a one piece cylinder sleeve construction unique from any other B series engine due to overlapping combustion chambers.

Although the body style remained the same as the first generation, an update for the CR-V made from 1999 to 2001 was in response to criticism of the original engine lacking enough power for a vehicle of the CR-V’s weight 3,200 lb (1,500 kg). The engine was changed to the 2.0 L B20Z engine, producing 146 hp (109 kW) at 6200 rpm and 133 lb•ft (180 N•m) at 4500 rpm of torque. Fuel economy of 22 mpg (11 L/100 km; 26 mpg-imp) City/25 mpg (9.4 L/100 km; 30 mpg-imp) motorway and price were not affected by the increase in power, which was the result of a higher compression ratio (9.6:1 compared to the B20B’s 8.8:1), a new intake manifold, and slightly higher lift on the intake valves.

B20B 1996 to 1998 specifications

  • Found in: USDM and JDM Honda CR-V, Honda Orthia
  • Displacement: 1,973 cc (120.4 cu in)
  • Power: 126 hp (94 kW)) @ 5400 rpm
  • Torque: 131 ft•lbf (178 N•m) @ 4300 rpm
  • Rod length: 137 mm (5.4 in)
  • Compression: 8.8:1 or 9.2:1
  • Bore: 84 mm (3.3 in)
  • Stroke: 89 mm (3.5 in)
  • Redline: 6300 rpm
  • Fuel Consumption: City 9 km/L Hwy 14 km/L

B20B/B20Z 1999 to 2000 specifications

  • Found in: USDM CRV as a B20Z, JDM Honda CR-V and Honda Orthia as a B20B
  • Displacement: 1,973 cc (120.4 cu in)
  • Power: 146 hp (109 kW)) @ 6200 rpm
  • Torque: 133 ft•lbf (180 N•m) @ 4500 rpm
  • Rod length: 137 mm (5.394 in)
  • Compression: 9.6:1
  • Bore: 84 mm (3.3 in)
  • Stroke: 89 mm (3.5 in)
  • Redline: 6700 rpmHH
  • Fuel Consumption: 14 km/L

Second CR-V engine generation from 2001 to 2006

The second generation CR-V was a full redesign, based on the seventh generation Civic, and powered by the K24A1 engine. These versions of the new engine produced 160 hp (120 kW) and 162 lb•ft (220 N•m) of torque. Per new SAE regulations, the same engine is now rated at 156 hp (116 kW) and 160 ft•lbf (220 N•m). Despite the power increase, the new CR-V retained the fuel economy of the previous model, thanks in part to the engine’s i-VTEC system.

K24A1 2002 to 2006 specification

  • Found in Honda CR-V
  • Displacement: 2,354 cc (143.6 cu in)
  • Bore and Stroke: 87 mm x 99 mm (3.43×3.90 inches)
  • Compression: 9.6:1
  • Power: 160 hp (120 kW) @ 6000 rpm
  • Torque: 162 ft•lbf (220 N•m) @ 5200 rpm
  • Redline: 6500 rpm

Third generation CR-V engine from 2007 the present

A redesigned CR-V was launched for the 2007 model year. The third generation CR-V is powered by the latest version of Honda’s standard K-series 2.4 L 4-cylinder engine. This engine’s power is rated at 166 hp (124 kW) at 5,800 rpm and 161 lb•ft (218 N•m) at 4,200 rpm. A 2.2 L i-CTDI diesel engine is offered in the European and Asian markets. The European market CR-V offers a new R20A 2.0 L petrol engine, based on the Honda R series i-VTEC SOHC engine found in the Honda Civic, as opposed to the previous CR-V offering the K20A.

The Honda K series engine for the CR-V is a four cylinder four-stroke engine. The K series engines are equipped with DOHC valve trains and use roller rockers to reduce friction. The engines use a coil-on-plug, distributorless ignition system with a coil for each spark plug. This system forgoes the use of a conventional distributer based ignition timing system in favour of a computer controlled one that allows the ECU to control ignition timings based on various sensor inputs. The cylinders have cast iron sleeves similar to the B-series engines, as opposed to the FRM cylinders found in the H-series.

Two versions of Honda’s i-VTEC system for the CR-V can be found on K series engines; variable timing control (VTC) can be found on the intake cam of both versions. The VTEC system on engines like the K20A3 only operate on the intake cam; at low RPM only one intake valve is fully opened, the other opening just slightly to create a swirl effect in the combustion chamber for improved fuel atomization. At high RPM, both intake valves open fully to improve engine breathing.

The Honda R series inline four cylinder engine is new for the CR-V. It is fuel injected, has an aluminium alloy cylinder block and cylinder head, is a SOHC 16 valve design (4 valves per cylinder) and utilizes Honda’s i-VTEC system. The R series engine has a compression ratio of 10.5:1, features a “drive by wire” throttle system which is computer controlled to reduce pumping losses and create a smooth torque curve. The engine uses many technologies to improve economy. Piston rings are given ion plating, weight is reduced with plastic and aluminium parts and variable length intake manifolds that maintain ram air at a wide rpm range.

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