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Honda Insight engines Overview

The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric car and the first production vehicle to feature Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist system. The 1st generation Insight was produced from 1999 to 2006 as a 3 door hatchback.

First generation from year 2000 to 2006

The gasoline engine is a 67hp, 1-litre, ECA series 3 cylinder unit providing lean burn operation with an air fuel ratio that can reach 25.8 to 1. The electrical motor assist adds another 13hp and a maximum of 25lb feet of torque when called on. It also acts as a generator during deceleration and braking to recharge the vehicle’s batteries, and as the Insight’s starter motor. (This both improves fuel efficiency and also extends the lifetime of brakes). When the car is not moving, for example, at a stop light, the engine shuts off. The digital displays on the dashboard display fuel consumption instantaneously.

(The next generation, used in the Honda Civic Hybrid, is much more space-efficient.) The Insight has a 3 cylinder 1.0L engine and an ultrathin (about 2.5 inches) brushless 10kW electric motor located on the crankshaft. The engine utilizes lightweight aluminium, magnesium, and plastic to minimize weight.

A computer control module regulates how much power comes from the internal combustion engine, and how much from the electric motor; in the CVT variant, it also finds the optimal gear ratio. Dashboard gauges monitor the current battery, instantaneous fuel consumption and mode of the electric motor – standby, engine assist or charging the batteries. High pressure, low rolling resistance tires and the use of low viscosity of 0W-20 synthetic oil both enhance fuel economy.

Starting with the 2001 model, a CVT variant of the Insight was available; the CVT is similar to that used in the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Honda Logo. A feature shared by the two hybrids (and now appearing in others) is the ability to automatically turn off the engine when the vehicle is at a stop (and restart it upon movement). Since it is more powerful than most starters of conventional cars, the Insight’s electric motor can start the engine nearly instantaneously.

Second generation from 2010 to the present

The Honda Hybrids’ System comes with Eco Assist, the Eco Assist system monitors driving style, and can display the impact of a driving style on the vehicle’s fuel economy. Eco Assist provides driving style recommendations via a 3D background within the speedometer that changes colour to reflect how efficiently the driver is accelerating and braking.

Fuel saving activities like smooth acceleration and braking make the speedometer background glow green. Somewhat less efficient driving makes the meter glow blue-green. Aggressive starts and stops that consume extra fuel make the meter glow blue. By observing the speedometer background’s response to driving practices and seeking to achieve a consistently green colour, drivers can receive assistance in developing driving habits that typically enhance fuel economy.

Drivers’ results are continuously tracked as fuel economy ratings are shown per drive cycle and on a lifetime basis in the form of plant leaf graphics that can appear in the Multi Information Display. Up to 5 leaves can be ‘earned’ as the driver demonstrates a fuel efficient driving style.

Pushing the ECON button initiates a range of functions that increase the fuel economy of the Insight’s Integrated Motor Assist system:

  • Increases the potential for engaging the idle stop feature sooner
  • Operates air conditioning more in recirculation mode
  • Reduces automatic climate control blower fan speed
  • Optimizes throttle angle input and CVT operation
  • Limits power and torque by approximately 4% (full responsiveness is provided at wide open throttle)
  • Cruise control operation (EX)

Estimated fuel efficiency according to the EPA testing methodology for the official UK fuel efficiency data for the Insight SE is: Urban 61.4 mpg-imp, Extra urban 67.3 mpg-imp, Combined 64.2 mpg-imp and the CO2 emissions rating is: 101 g/km, putting it in the second lowest UK road tax band.

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