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Iveco Motors is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel engines for industrial and commercial vehicle applications and are available at as used, reconditioned or secondhand. Its plants, in Bourbon-Lancy in France, and Turin and Foggia in Italy, build around 460,000 engines annually for applications as diverse as light commercials, locomotives and boats. Approximately 80,000 engines are used for on-highway applications. 2004 marked the production of the 4 millionth light engine from the Foggia plant in Italy, where the Unijet engines used in the Iveco Daily City truck are manufactured. Iveco Motors truck engines combine state-of-the-art diesel technology with advanced electronic systems. They are designed for maximum power, driveability, economy, ease of maintenance and reliability , while meeting present and future emission standards
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Iveco’s Tector 5.9-litre truck engine is at the heart of the New Eurocargo range and is available in four output levels.

The Bosch electronically controlled Tector engines have been designed for outstanding durability, easy servicing and good fuel economy. The in-line six-cylinder engines feature four valves per cylinder, high-pressure common-rail fuel injection and electronic engine management for powerful and economical performance. The Tector engines are characterised by a flat torque curve between 1200 and 2100rpm, which means fewer gear changes and a more relaxed driving style, along with low fuel consumption. Tector engines meet current Euro 3 emission standards and are designed to meet forthcoming Euro 4 standards without extensive modification. The Tector is a pushrod-equipped, 24-valve, turbocharged and intercooled six-cylinder engine with electronic engine management, common-rail fuel injection, and integrated-wastegate turbocharger.

Iveco Motor’s Cursor range of in-line six-cylinder engines has been designed for reliability and easy maintenance as well as future emission regulations without affecting fuel economy.

Cursor engines are turbocharged and intercooled and use modern electronics to set the pace in powerplant efficiency. They represent the very latest in engine technology in terms of reduced numbers of components. Cursor engines are available in 8, 10 and 13-litre versions and utilise multi-valve, overhead camshaft technology as well as variable geometry turbocharging to produce maximum power and torque throughout the operating range. The Iveco Turbo Brake, utilising the variable geometry turbocharger, gives quieter maximum braking capacity. The Cursor engines offer fuel-efficient operation as well as light weight. They are also exceptionally quiet, with low oil consumption and extended maintenance intervals up to 80,000km when using synthetic oil.

Iveco Motor’s engine plant manufacturing processes rely heavily on the involvement of assembly line employees in a way designed to increase quality and efficiency. The business unit organisational model – introduced in 1998 – comprises three separate business units for heavy, medium and light vehicles. Around 60 per cent of the engines built by Iveco Motors are sold to other manufacturers.

Iveco also produces many types of vehicle specific to certain countries. These include the PowerStar and Acco brands,Trakker, TurboCity-U 480 , Norwegian Light Multirole, EuroStar, Stralis racing truck, Stralis, Eurocargo, Daily S2000 Chassis-cab, Daily S2000 minibus, Daily van MY98.

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