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Automatic (ATX) Gearbox Critical Maintenance
The primary cause of automatic gearbox failure is due to insufficiently frequent oil changes & overheating. ATX oil (ATF) breaks down faster with each rise in oil temperature, and rapidly above 125oC. ATX gearbox oil is continually contaminated by the circulation of clutch-pack abrasive particles throughout the gearbox.
Factory change intervals at 600hrs (24,000 miles at 40mph average) are twice as long as the 300hr high temperature service life of ATX oil.Find Mazda Gearboxes

Mazda’s Notchy Manual (MTX) Gearboxes

The correct all-temperature gearbox oil weight is 75w90. A GL-5 oil can only be used if it does not contain sulphur. Only one GL-5 oil in the UK at the time of writing does not contain sulphur, thus it is best to telephone the manufacturer of the oil using the number of the reverse of the bottle. The use of a gearbox oil which does contain sulphur will halve the life of the synchros & bearings as they are of a bronze/brass construction. The reason is that sulphur (eg, manganese sulphonate) becomes acidic. Hence, Mobil1 75w90 GL-5 is NOT suitable for Mazda gearboxes.
Notchy shifting is common place during cold mornings and can be corrected by changing the oil to Full Synthetic Redline MT90 75w90 GL-4.
Notchiness is due to synchros requiring an opposing viscosity of oil to differentials, yet both must share the same oil. Thus manual gearbox oil must not only cover both synchro & differential requirements, but do so over all encountered operating temperatures. Non-synthetic oil cold weather viscosity prevents synchros operating properly. Some manuals list ATF as an appropriate oil – this is incorrect.

Engineering tolerances for ATF v 75w90 gearbox design differ.
A synthetic gear oil provides better gear-teeth protection & lubrication, reduces transmission losses during warmup so aiding the environment regarding emissions & fuel usage.
Some notchy shifting may be due to a non-disengaging clutch, either through wear or use of non-OEM parts (eg, ACT which require adjustment).

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