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INVECS (Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System) is the brand name used by Mitsubishi Motors for its electronic transmission technologies.

Mitsubishi INVECS I

The first generation of INVECS debuted in the seventh generation of the Mitsubishi Galant which was introduced in 1992. An array of sensors continuously monitored six parameters and, using “fuzzy logic”, adapted the shift patterns in the automatic gearbox “on the fly” according to the driver’s style. The four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, traction control and suspension were all similarly adapted based on the same sensor data. INVECS would, for example, downshift to increase engine braking while travelling downhill, or similarly automate transmission processes which were previously only controlled manually by the driver.

Mitsubishi INVECS-II

Despite sharing its name with the previous system, the second version of INVECS was a radical development, based on Porsche’s Tiptronic semi-automatic transmission technology. As with Porsche’s version it allowed for either a fully automatic mode, or a clutchless semi-automatic mode if the driver wished to control the up- and down-shift points. It also offered the same Adaptive Shift Control software which monitored and “learned” the driver’s habits over time and adjusted the smoothness or aggression of the gearshifts to suit his style. It was first implemented in the new Mitsubishi FTO in 1994.

Mitsubishi INVECS-III

The third version of INVECS was further advanced, and now offered a continuously variable transmission when in fully automatic mode, or a six-speed clutchless manual if the driver wishes to control the up- and down-shift points. A further innovation for Mitsubishi was the introduction of paddle shifters allowing the driver to make manual gearchanges while their hands remain on the steering wheel. The Mitsubishi INVECS-III was introduced in 2000, in the eighth generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer. The paddle shift option was first seen on the second generation Mitsubishi Outlander which debuted in 2005.


Mitsubishi Gearbox

INVECS-III CVT achieves low fuel consumption and a smooth ride with CVT (Continuously Variable¬†Transmission) an advanced system that automatically selects the optimal gear ratio based on road and driving conditions (“optimal control”), and utilizes “learning control” to match the particular driver’s driving style.

In addition, a CVT that brings out the efficiency from the engine performance is provided. Like a conventional automatic transmission, there is no jolt when shifting gears and every time the accelerator is applied there is enjoyable, smooth acceleration.

Furthermore , a torque converter enables creep forward driving (slight deceleration) when the accelerator is not applied and hillstarts are made fun.

Some Current Mitsubishi Vehicles some with INVECS some without.
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