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Nissan Motor Company and Jatco (Japanese Automatic Transmission Company), have produced a large number of automatic transmissions for many auto makers. The modern JATCO was formed in October 1999 after Nissan spun their AT / CVT (automatic transmission / continuously variable transmission) production into a company called TransTechnology.Find Nissan Gearboxes

Decision Process for a New 5-speed AT Schematic.

With the cooperation of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., they developed a new 5-speed AT that has been adopted on the Nissan Cima and Skyline and its application will be expanded to other model lines in the future. The schematic for the engagement of the elements of this new 5-speed AT was selected from among a wide range of possible candidates with the aim of reducing the size, weight and friction of the unit so as to improve fuel economy, which was one of the major development objectives. This paper explains the process by which the schematic of this new 5-speed AT was determined.

Weight Reduction Technologies for Powertrain Parts of a New 5-speed AT.
The JR507E 5-speed automatic transmission has been developed as an all-new, next-generation gearbox. They accomplished this by making the JR507E one of the smallest and lightest automatic transmissions in its class. This paper describes the weight reduction technologies adopted for the powertrain parts.

Development of a Compact Torque Converter with High Torque Capacity.
Their new JR507E automatic transmission adopts a new torque converter with three downsized elements and a multi-facing lock-up clutch for improved fuel economy and a lighter weight. This paper describes the new torque converter.

Development of Shift Control for a 5-Speed AT Using MATLAB.
Conventional 4-speed ATs are being replaced by ATs with more speed ranges in order to improve fuel efficiency, acceleration and shift quality. Since ATs with a greater number of speed ranges have a more complex structure, shift control becomes more complicated, necessitating further improvement of development work efficiency. This paper describes the principle and features of a shift shock simulation model based on MATLAB, and the results obtained with this tool, which contributed greatly to improving development work efficiency for our JR507E 5-speed AT.

Development of a Linear-Stroke Inhibitor Switch.
The conventional rotary inhibitor switch that has been attached to the outside of ATs has individual contacts for the signals of each selector lever position. They have developed a new linear-stroke inhibitor switch that combines the On/Off signals of four contacts to output a coded signal of the selector lever position. Developed to reduce the cost and improve fail-safe functionality, this inhibitor switch has been incorporated in an all-new 5-speed AT for use on rear-wheel-drive cars.

Improvement of Solenoid Pressure Control Accuracy by Electronic Calibration.
The newly developed JR507 5-speed automatic transmission for rear-wheel-drive cars adopts a computerized control system for direct clutch pressure control, referred to as a Direct Acting System. This system directly controls the hydraulic pressure of every friction element to improve shifting performance in connection with the attainment of a smaller, lighter transmission.
The Direct Acting System precisely controls the oil pressure at clutch engagement to generate the optimum hydraulic pressure for shifting. However, it is necessary to minimize any discrepancy between the hydraulic pressure specified for the linear solenoids and the actual pressure generated. Therefore, they developed a computerized hydraulic pressure calibration system to minimize variation in linear solenoid pressure within the allowed production line cycle time (process speed).

Development of an Integrated Hybrid Automatic Transmission (IHAT).
They are developing an electric hybrid drive system called an integrated hybrid automatic transmission (IHAT). In the IHAT system, an internal combustion engine, a motor-generator and an automatic transmission without a torque converter are connected to the three members of a planetary gearset. The IHAT is similar to an integrated starter generator (ISG) system, but is shorter in length and provides better fuel economy. This paper describes the structure and functions of the IHAT and explains the control system used to maintain smooth driveability.

Nissan’s Extroid

This is a revolution. Instead of using a belt or chain as the media for varying transmission ratio, it uses two pairs of rollers. As shown in the picture, the rollers link between the input disc (which connects the crankshaft) and output disc (which connects the driveshaft). By varying the angle of rollers, different transmission ratio can be obtained.

For example, for “low” gearing ratio, the rollers meet the input disc near its inside diameter, but meet the output disc near its periphery; thus the output disc turns much slower than the input disc. The overall ratio range is 4.4:1.
Compare with belt or chain, the solid rollers can withstand much higher torque. Moreover, since the input and output disc are located at the same axis, it is able to be packaged in a longitudinal gearbox and drive the rear wheels. In fact, it is already driving the Cedric / Gloria in Japan, handling the massive 286 lbft of torque from the turbocharged VQ6.
The rollers are actuated by electro-hydraulic. However, the rollers are not directly contact with the input / output disc. A specially developed viscous oil provides the traction between them while reduce friction and wearing.
Like other modern CVTs, it also provides 6 artificial sequential ratios for more driver involvement.

Some of Nissan Popular Vehicles on the Market.
Almera, Armada, Avenir, Bluebird, Cherry, Fairlady, Frontier, Maxima, Micra, Navara, Prairie, Primera, Pulsar, Sentra, Skyline, Sunny, Xterra
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