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The Peugeot Expert Engine

The Expert is easy to drive, and when fitted with the 2.0HDi engine offers effortless performance. Despite its spacious interior, it always feels like a compact van and an easy-to-reach gearstick and standard power steering ensures driving the Expert never feels part of the job.

Engine noise is relatively muted and the Expert always feels responsive with 188lb ft of torque available at 1750rpm. It corners well, with limited body roll and with some weight on board provides a comfortable ride. The 1.9D Expert offers 71bhp at 4600rpm and 94lb ft of torque at 2600rpm, and always feels like it’s working harder than the HDi.

For a van that’s been around since October 1995, it’s remarkable that the Expert still feels as amazing as it does. Clearly, the intervening years have brought a succession of revisions and upgrades designed to keep the vehicle up to speed with competitors but even by commercial vehicle development cycle standards, the Expert has been on an extended tour of duty.

Key events in the Experts history other than its 1995 launch include the introduction of the 2.0-litre HDi diesel engine in early 2000 (the added refinement, economy and performance from this common-rail unit were a big plus) and the 2004 model year face lift that has resulted in the chunkier looking Expert we see frequenting in showrooms today.

The Peugeot Expert has always been a nice looking van and whether these styling revisions are an improvement or not, it is probably a matter of opinion. What they do is refresh the vehicle up in a manner that should bring more attention from prospective buyers and even if that’s their sum contribution, the Expert has been a success.

The Expert range pans out in familiar fashion, there are two diesel engine options, the 2.0-litre HDi and a less cutting-edge 1.9D, along with two panel van payload categories and the Combi minibus. The different pay load options are necessitated by the different power outputs available from the two engines. Therefore, the 71bhp 1.9-litre powers the 815kg Expert and the 110bhp 2.0-litre HDi takes care of business in the heavier duty 900kg version. Choosing between the experts two engine options comes down to the three Ps power, payload and price.

There’s no escaping the fact that the 2.0HDi is the more enjoyable model to punt around town. Its 250Nm maximum torque comes on stream at 1,750rpm to dwarf the 125Nm available at 2,500rpm in the 1.9D.

This equates to more power readily available at lower engine speeds for greater urgency off the line and more composed uphill travel with a load on board. For many van buyers, however, and particularly those without the slightest intention of ever tarnishing their Armani office wear by driving the model they purchase, price is the ultimate determining factor. These individuals will like the 1.9D because it costs nearly £1,500 less than the HDi and someone else will be driving it for them.

The 1.9D is a perfectly agreeable engine, especially if you never envisage your load requirements approaching the Experts payload capacity, it’s just considerably less modern than the HDi and this technological inferiority shows. Even punters with a vice-like grip on their pennies may be drawn in the direction of HDi ownership if they consider that this engine can return 43mpg on average compared to 36mpg from the 1.9D.

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