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We are one of the largest suppliers both reconditioned engines and gearboxes in the UK, specialising in car engines and gearboxes for cars and light commercials. Many people look for totally reconditioned, all engines and gearboxes are supplied with a 100% warranty.

Here’s what we would expect the process for reconditioned engines to be. Some people also refer to these as recon engines. All components are inspected against manufacturer’s tolerance and machined as required to guarantee performance and life. Cylinder blocks rebored or replacement cylinder liners fitted and surfaced honed to manufacturers cross-hatch specification. 100% replacement of piston assemblies. All crankshafts reground and new engine bearings fitted after checking for straightness and cracking. 100% replacement of small end bushes, oil seals, spigot bushes, gaskets, oil, seals, core plugs, filters, timing chains or belts. New lock washers or other locking devices replaced. All threaded holes re-tapped if damaged, or new thread inserts fitted. Main bearing housings checked for size, misalignment, damage and re-machined as required. Cylinder blocks and heads pressure tested. Cylinder heads checked for cracks. Valve guides measured for wear and resized or replaced. Valve springs checked and replaced as necessary. Valves checked for damage and measurement, refaced or replaced as necessary. Valve seats remachined and inserts fitted or replaced as necessary. Camshafts inspected for damage, wear on journals, lobes and skew gears re-profiled or replaced as necessary. Connecting rods checked for alignment and housing diameters. Re-machined or replaced as necessary. Checked and graded as a balanced set. Oil pumps fully remanufactured or replaced. All engines rebuilt after thoroughly cleaning before assembly. Reassembly is carried out in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines with particular attention being paid to bolt tightening sequences and torques. Critical checks on piston heights, valve timing and bearing clearances. All engines tested for oil pressure, compression and oil leaks.

Reconditioned Gearboxes – Recon Gearboxes

All reconditioned gearboxes are quite indepth to go through, here is a small version of the process involved to recon a gearbox. Gearing arrangement for gearbox includes spur, helical, planetary, bevel, worm, and cycloidal. Bevel gear is a gear wheel meshed with another so that their shafts are at an angle less than 180degrees. They connect intersecting axes. Helical gears connect parallel shafts but the involute teeth are cut at an angle to the axis of rotation. Two mating helical gears must have equal helix angle but opposite hand. Spur gears connect parallel shafts, have involute teeth that are parallel to the shaft and can have internal or external teeth. Planetary gears are a set of gears usually two or more on or inside a larger gear. They make drastic gear ratio possible. They are used when one wishes to turn the input in the same direction as the output. Planetary reducers can be designed with gear sets or a set of planetary cones. Cycloidal gears are used in pairs and are set at an angle of 180 degrees used to balance the load and are driven by multiple crank shafts to share the load and increase torsion rigidity. Cycloid reducers use rolling elements and a multilobe cam to transmit torque and provide speed reduction. A worm gear is an inclined plane wrapped around a central axle. It is a gear with one or more teeth in the form of screwed threads.

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