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Renault launches new ‘quickshift6’ semi-automatic Gearbox on best-selling trafic and master vans.
Trafic and Master are now available with a new 6-speed semi-automatic ‘Quickshift6’ gearbox.

This technology, first seen in Twingo and Clio, combines the performance and operating economy of a manual gearbox with the ease of use of an automatic transmission. The new system, which is expected to account for around 5% of total sales in each range, will be available with the 2.5 dCi engines in 100, 120 and 140hp guise depending on model. The new versions went on sale in the UK in Spring 2005 at a price premium of £800 over standard models.

With the introduction of the Quickshift6 robotised gearbox on Trafic and Master, Renault once again demonstrates its interest in future technologies.Find Renault Gearboxes

An automated manual gearbox

The Quickshift6 gearbox (PA6) is developed from Renault’s 6-speed manual gearbox and consists of a manual gearbox combined with a module (computer and transducers) which automates the clutching, declutching and gearchanging operations. A second computer controls engine torque output and speed to ensure smooth gearchanging.

The Quickshift6 clutch-less gearbox gives drivers a choice between two driving modes:

  • A semi-automatic mode, in which drivers select their own gears with a single movement of the gear lever.
  • An automatic mode, requiring no action on the part of the user.

The best of both systems

Renault’s Quickshift6 gearbox combines the features of manual and automatic transmission:

  • Manual gearbox verses the Proactive type automatic transmission
  • Driving pleasure – Ease of use
  • Six forward gears – Convenient in towns
  • Improved fuel consumption – Auto-adaptive gearchange parameters, Stalling impossible, Easier gear changing and Engine overspeed protection.
  • Matches driver’s driving style;
  • Ease of use;
  • 6 gear ratios available in both automatic and manual modes ;
  • Impossible to stall;
  • Engine operates at all times in its optimum range, thanks to auto-adaptive gearchanging characteristics;
  • Ability to decelerate or hold speed using engine braking, as with a manual gearbox;
  • Reduced average fuel consumption (by 8 to 10% according to version) in automatic mode when compared with a conventional manual gearbox.

Versatility of operation

On board, there is a new “joystick” type gear lever and no clutch pedal, so to move away from rest, all that needs to be done is to depress the brake pedal before moving the gear lever. The vehicle starts in automatic mode as the default selection.

The Quickshift6 transmission can be used in two ways:

1. Semi-automatic mode

The driver changes gear with a single movement of the gear lever: forwards (+) to change up, and backwards (-) to change down. These changes can be made without lifting off the accelerator.

When the gear change is taking place, the transmission computer works with the engine management unit to control engine speed and torque output in order to achieve a smooth shift.

  • The point indiates the normal position of the lever.
  • The letter N indicates the neutral position within the gearbox.
  • Reverse gear, represented by the letter R, is engaged by two successive movements, one to the right followed by another to the rear, while keeping the brake pedal depressed.

2. Automatic mode

In this operating mode, shifting between the 6 speeds takes place automatically according to auto-adaptive characteristics. The transmission computer selects the ideal ratio by analysing:

  • The vehicle’s speed,
  • The vehicle’s acceleration or deceleration,
  • The driver’s individual driving style, measured by the speed with which the accelerator and brake pedals are operated,
  • The road gradient (flat, climbing or descending).
    Vehicle load

Quickshift6 transmission features

Aids to starting

The Quickshift6 transmission features two aids to starting from rest: one when the vehicle is heavily laden, the other in low-friction conditions.

These functions are selected via a dashboard-mounted switch.
An indicator light on the dashboard shows the selected mode.
The “load” mode, for use when the vehicle is heavily laden, reduces clutch slip and alters the gearchange threshold points.
The “snow” mode automatically activates the automatic mode and limits wheel spin when starting from rest.

Easier driving

The Quickshift6 transmission also features some automatic operations which make for easier use and minimise the risk of driver error:

  • Changing up is inhibited if the accelerator pedal is suddenly released.
  • Changing down is inhibited if it would result in engine over-speeding.
  • Automatic downshift takes place if the engine is under-speeding.
  • Automatic downshift occurs if the brakes are operated.
  • First gear is automatically selected if the speed falls below 7kph.
  • The selection of the ideal gear is made, as in the Proactive automatic transmission, in accordance with auto-adaptive parameters stored within the memory of the transmission computer.

More practical in all circumstances

The Quickshift6 transmission incorporates other safety and comfort features:
A “kickdown” function allows for rapid downshifting in urgent situations (avoidance, overtaking, sudden braking) and greater transmission responsiveness.

For easier parking manoeuvres, the transmission allows movement at idling speed, sometimes known as “creeping”. In first and reverse gears, the vehicle moves at idling speed after the brake pedal and/or handbrake is released. This function also allows the vehicle to be held steady on a shallow gradient and facilitates hill starts.

Improved fuel economy

The Quickshift6 transmission also confers better fuel economy. Indeed, its design, based on the operation of a manual gearbox, avoids the losses and friction suffered by an automatic transmission with torque converter.
In automatic mode, which switches between auto-adaptive characteristic curves using fuzzy logic, each gear change occurs at maximum torque.

Engine efficiency is always ideal and there is no overreving. Fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 8% on Master and 10% on Trafic, by comparison with a conventional manual gearbox.

The Quickshift6 transmission is controlled by the following main units:

  • The transmission computer controls gear shifting. To ensure it receives all necessary information about the vehicle, it is connected to the gear lever, the driving mode selector, the brake pedal switch and the engine management computer. It also takes into account such factors as the gradient of the road and the driving style of the driver.

The engine management computer, using information from the transmission computer, adjusts engine speed and torque output by modulating the fuel injection and the ignition timing.

The gear shifting robot carries out gear shifting. It comprises actuators (for engaging and releasing the clutch, for selecting and engaging the gears) together with an electric pump unit which provides the necessary energy.

Communication between the two computers (gearbox and engine) is achieved via the multiplexed electrical system of the Trafic and Master.

A maintenance-free transmission

In addition to its ease of use, the Quickshift6 gearbox requires no additional maintenance action by the customer. Like all Renault’s manual gearboxes, it is lubricated for life and requires only a simple oil level check during routine maintenance.

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Renault Gearbox: new & used Clio car gearboxes, Modus, Coupe-Cabriolet models

The benefits offered by the Quickshift6 gearbox are: 

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