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Saab’s Saxomat is type of automatic clutch / gearbox and is available as an option on some of the Saab vehicles, Volkswagen and BMW. The system also reappeared in the 1990s as Sentronic.

Cars with a Saxomat gearbox

The clutch does not have a clutch pedal. The Saxomat consisted of two independent systems, the centrifugal clutch and the servo clutch. The centrifugal clutch was engaged above certain engine RPM by centrifugal force, acting on spinning weights inside the clutch, similar to a centrifugal governor. The servo clutch used an electric switch that supplied vacuum via an actuator valve to a reservoir that disengaged the cluch. The clutch is disengaged automatically whenever the gear shift lever was touched.

Olymat (Saxomat) Automatic Clutch / Gearbox

The Olymat (Saxomat) clutch / gearbox is a combination of two single dry plate clutches: one is operated by a centrifugal action and utilises a bronze friction material and another is a normal type with asbestos material and is operated by a release bearing, a clutch lever and a vacuum actuator. The illustration to the left shows the high-rpm situation vhere the centrifugal clutch / gearbox is engaged. The illustration to the right shows the low-rpm situation where the centrifugal clutch is released.

The purpose of the clutch control system is to release the clutch whenever the gearlever (1) is operated and reengage the clutch when a new gear has been selected and the acceleratorpedal is depressed. Vacuum is supplied from the intake manifold and stored in a reservoir. When the gearlever is operated electric current is supplied to the solenoid in the controlvalve (2). Vacuum is transferred to the vacuum-diaphragm-actuator (3) which pulls the clutchlever and releases the clutch. The diaphragm-valve-system in the right end of the control-valve (2) ensures a controlled vacuum release and thereby a soft reengagement of the clutch. The thin hose connection to the upper part of the carburettor signals a hard depressed accelerator which makes the clutch take-up faster.

Other Saab vehicles available.
75, GT750, 99, 900, 90, Monster, Formula Junior, Aero-X, Catherina, EV-1, Quantum, SAABO, SPG, Saalina, Sonett, Sport.

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