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There are various ways in which we try and help you locate the exact engine or gearbox at the right price.

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1. You are able to very easily locate from the toolbar at the top of our web pages two links entitled ‘ Find an Engine’ and ‘Find a Gearbox’. When you click these links and complete the information needed through our unit finders then one of our helpful staff will be able to get in touch and give you the details you require.

2. On the car engines homepage you should see quite clearly three large image designs at the top that direct you to our request form to help us gather the correct information to supply you with the right engine, gearboxes, or cylinderheads.
PLEASE NOTE: It is very important you place engine codes and transmission codes along with any chassis/VIN numbers for us to run an exact match search our end.

3. When browsing information on our site especially through the makes information pages then there will be clear guidance for you to find your part with us.

4. The contact us page is mainly used for other areas of our business such as advertising, customer complaints etc.. Please do not use this area to find engines and gearboxes as we will require more information from you located on these forms ‘Engines‘ or ‘Gearboxes
5. You can also call our centre on *0905 232 0099 for the latest up to the minute bargain prices.

Search Information

You will notice that we require certain information from you to provide you with fast quotes with money saving price information and thus the correct part details. We could break this down into 3 main areas:

1. Your Vehicle details – We require the make or manufacturer of your vehicle along with the model and any specifications for us to set a vehicle match in place. We obtain from you any engines codes or transmission codes to help us with the search. Is your vehicle manually driven or automatic?

This is important for part matching and also whether you know what engine valve size the vehicle is either 8v, 16v, 20v etc… we need to know the year of your vehicle and how many doors? as some makes have the same model name but 3dr or 5dr like the Mitsubishi Pajero vehicles. Finally, information on fuel type whether petrol or diesel and full registration number can help us match with the DVLA your exact part information.

Many people think that once we have all this information it’s all very straight forward but buying the right engine or gearbox from your car still takes time and precision. Renault have actually made upto 3 types of engine for the same vehicle in one particular year so there is still a process in ascertaining which one would suite. All of these codes and numbers can be located on the vehicle V5c ownership document.

2. Your Part details – This would confirm what your’e looking for, whether an engine, engine parts, gearbox or gearbox parts, or a cylinderhead. We then need to know details relating to this and any additional information. For instance, if you’re looking for an engine did you require it to come complete? or bare?

Once we have obtained from you any comprehensive details on what you are looking for, again this will help us process real time rapid quotes for you.

3. Your Contact details – We require the easiest way to contact you and most importantly your preferred method of contact so we can notify you of the price and guarantee for the part.

We will in contact you by email or sms text however some of our helpful suppliers may telephone you direct with quotes if you are happy with that. Please be assured we will not share your contact information with any third parties.

We hope these simple tips help you to find what your looking for and thanks again for your custom! Find an Engine here. Find your Gearbox here.

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