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Talbot Car

Talbot was originally the British brand name, it was established in 1903. Later, Chrysler Simca became a member, alongside Peugeot and Citroen, of the leading European automotive group PSA, they decided to revive the Talbot name. 

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The Talbot 1510

This is Known as the new Alpine in the UK, interesting was the 1592 cc engine which was supplied in the top of the range SX model. Four versions of the 1510 were available, at the bottom of the range was the LS with the faithful old Simca 1294 cc engine developing 67 bhp.

Both the GL and GLS models used the 1442 cc power unit, producing 84 bhp. From 1981 the LS model was fitted with the 1442 cc engine. In turn, the GL and GLS were supplied with the 1592cc engine as standard, developing 89 bhp. Talbot 1510 range in Europe did not match those of its predecessor, the Simca 1307/8, and the launch of a booted version of the car, the Talbot Solara, signified a shift in buyer behaviour.

In continental Europe, demand for the traditional “three box” Solara steadily overtook that for the 1510, and Talbot stopped production at Poissy in the summer of 1982.

Talbot Horizon

The Simca Horizon 1100 was development. Initially just two engines were offered; the well known Simca 1118 cc and 1294 cc units, and three models: LS, GL, and GLS. The GLS could only be supplied with the 1294 cc engine, but a choice of engine was available on the LS and GL versions.

A disappointing feature of the new Horizon range at launch was that unlike on the 1100 range, there was no performance model. While the 1294 cc Simca 1100 Special produced 75 bhp and the 1100 TI 82 bhp, the same power unit in the Horizon was detuned to produce only 67 bhp, presumably for economy.

Expansion of the range of Horizons continued with the introduction in late 1979 of the SX, which had a 1442 cc engine developing 82 bhp. Horizon EX, it had a 65 bhp version of the 1442 cc engine. Also launched was the most interesting of all Horizons, the Premium. It was equipped with the Talbot 1592 cc engine and developed an impressive 90 bhp, giving a top speed of around 110 mph.

Talbot Tagora

Work on Project C9 started in 1976, when Chrysler Europe agreed a replacement for the slow selling 180 and 2 Litre models. To be called the Simca 2000, the C9 was to utilise the Chrysler 2 Litre engine. Peugeot’s soon to be released 505 2 litre model would have been in direct competition with the then unnamed Tagora.

To avoid this clash, the new management decided to upgrade the Tagora and to offer the top model with the Douvrin “co-op” V6 engine developed jointly by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo. By using three different engines, a range of Tagoras was available.

There were two models powered by the Simca-derived 2155 cc unit. This was fitted in the GL and GLS models. A single twin-choke carburettor was fitted and the engine developed 115 bhp.

The next engine was the 2304 cc turbocharged diesel fitted to the DT model, which was not imported to the UK. Top of the range was the Douvrin 2664 cc engine fitted to the SX model, which developed 165 bhp.

Talbot Solara
Being based on the Alpine, there were no mechanical surprises, with the 1294 cc and 1592 cc engines being used on UK built cars, while most European countries started with the 1442 cc engine, and then the 1592 cc unit. Trim levels were the usual LS, GL, GLS and top of the range SX .

Talbot Matra Rancho
Matra selected the 1442 cc engine used in the Chrysler Alpine which developed 80 bhp and provided adequate power for the Rancho.

Some other models including the Simca line:
Vedette and Ariane
1000 & 1100 / 1204 & 1300 / 1500 & 1301 / 1501
Bagheera, Murena, Samba Hatch

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