Toyota Car Engines: Avensis engine, Hilux, MR2, Yaris

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Toyota Motor Corporation has produced a wide variety of car engines. It is a Japanese automaker. It became the world’s largest automaker based on quarterly sales for the first time in the first quarter of 2007, though the company is still ranked second. Toyota owns and operates other automobiles such as Lexus, and parts of Daihatsu brands, divisions and other companies.  

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The company follows a simple naming system for their modern engines:
The first numeric characters specify the engine block’s generation
The next one or two letters specify the engine family
The suffix (separated by a dash) specifies the features of the engine:
Suffix Features are

B – Twin SU-style side-draft carburetors
C – Carburated / California Emissions Controlled
D – Twin Downdraft carburetors
E – Electronic Fuel injection
F – Economy narrow-angle DOHC
G – Performance wide-angle DOHC
H – High compression like 9.8:1 (example: 5E-FHE) / High pressure charged (example: 2L-THE)
I – Single-point fuel injection
J – Autochoke (Early models) or unknown pollution control
L – Transverse
M – Philippines’ market (meaning unknown)
N – CNG fuel
P – LPG fuel
R – Low Compression (For 87 and below octane fuel)
S – Swirl intake (1980s)
SE – Direct injection (1990s)
T – Turbocharged
U – With Catalytic converter Japan-spec emissions
V – Common Rail Diesel Injection (D-4D)
X – Atkinson cycle (typically also indicates a Hybrid motor, as Toyota only uses the Atkinson cycle with hybrids)
Z – Supercharged

For Example
4A – GE
4 – 4th Generation Engine In The A Engine Family
A – The Engine Family it is in
G – Wide-angle dual camshaft
E – Electronically Fuel Injected
22R – TEC
22 – 22nd Generation Engine In The R Engine Family
R – The engine family it is in
T – Turbocharged
E – Electronically Fuel Injected
C – California Emission Controlled

Toyota have too many models to name a few cars are listed below.
Subcompact cars are the
: Starlet FX, Terce, Echo,  Yaris
Compact cars are the: Matrix, Corolla, Corona, Prius
Mid-size cars are the: Avensis, Camry, Camry, Solara
Full-size cars are the: Cressida, Avalon
Sport compact cars are the: Corolla Coupe, Paseo, Celica, Sports Supra, Roadster,  MR2,  MR2 Spyder
Other UK on the road Models: Hilux, Hiace, Celica, Lucida, Previa, Yaris.

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