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Vauxhall Motors is a UK car company. Most current Vauxhall models are right-hand drive derivatives of GM’s Opel brand with several performance vehicles coming from Holden/Holden Special Vehicles in Australia.

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3 litre supercharged version, is a version of the VX220. Combining the VX220’s bonded aluminium chassis with a supercharged version of GM’s 3.0 litre V6 engine, S Sport intend to create the ultimate VX.

With a claimed power output of 320bhp and 280lb.ft of torque in a car weighing 875kg, performance will be brisk! S Sport predict a top speed in excess of 150mph with a 0-60mph sprint time of 4.5 seconds


VXR is the branding for the high-performance models in many of Vauxhall’s car range. It replaces the previous GSi branding which was previously used on top-end models.

The VXR brand is closely linked to VX Racing, Vauxhalls BTCC team, and the VXR versions of the cars are track-oriented models with high performance capabilities.

The VXR range started with the limited edition VXR220 (a modified Vauxhall VX220 Turbo), and was then followed by the Monaro VXR. It has since been joined by the Astra VXR in October 2005, and subsequently Zafira, Vectra and Meriva versions.

The VXR range is expected to include one of each of most of the Vauxhall range, the exceptions likely to only be the Agila, Tigra and Signum.
VXR is currently only used on the models released under the Vauxhall brand.

Diesel engines

More and more car drivers are discovering the advantages of diesel power — indeed diesel-powered models now account for over a third of all new cars. And Vauxhall is at the forefront of this diesel engine revolution.

Which include the superb 1.9CDTi units for Astra, Zafira and more recently Astra TwinTop, Vectra and Signum, plus 2.0 litre derivatives for the Antara SUV all offering the very best in technology.

Performance for today’s Vauxhall diesels are brilliant to drive! Engines like the 184PS 3.0CDTi V6 24v offer superb smooth performance allied to outstanding flexibility and petrol-style power delivery.

Vauxhall diesels engines are fuel efficient. Tigra coupé roadster models are fitted with the outstanding 70PS 1.3CDTi 16v common rail unit return 61.4mpg on the combined cycle.

Low CO2 emissions make Vauxhall common rail turbo diesel models a particularly good choice for car drivers; when reviewing the 1.9CDTi (120PS) Vectra hatchback model, “with a CO2 figure of 154g/km, the Vectra CDTi is one of the cleanest oil-burners money can buy”.

Vauxhall Engine

Other models from Vauxhall are:
Newer and older: Astra, Corsa, Antara, Monaro, Arena, Brava, Calibra, Frontera, Monterey, Nova, Omega and more.
Future Cars are: TRIXX is a 1.3 CDTi common rail diesel engine and will be designed for city use. Then there is the GTC Concept which is powered by a turbocharged, 300PS, 2.8-litre V6 petrol engine with two variable camshafts, which is combined with a six-speed manual transmission.

Maximum torque of 400Nm is available from 1,850 up to 4,500rpm, and accelerating from zero to 62mph is calculated to take around six seconds. Top speed is limited to 155mph.

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